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A collection of thoughts from Team Manor

Does PR Really Benefit Sales?

Although sales and marketing (including PR) are regularly put together, they rarely understand or appreciate each other. Traditionally, one is trying to make it and one is trying to spend it. 

So, in today’s world of cutting costs and making every £, $ and € count, any outbound communication needs to support sales and sales needs to respect what marketing is trying to do for it.

Let’s take the basics of PR. Getting and taking a good idea and making it set the company apart from all the rest. This idea could be on the back of a product, technology, vision or installation. But it’s not enough to just do the basics anymore and by that I mean generate a press release or article for purely one objective/goal. Getting it published – dynamic and/or print – is still important and a valuable part of the mix. And strong relationships with editors and freelancers will make that happen in the most timely and effective way. But you also need to be able to take that story and visualise its reach in many different ways outside of the traditional.

A good story can be repurposed to suit many different audiences and requirements:

1.    Direct marketing collateral/HTMLs
2.    Website content
3.    Social media interaction
4.    White paper
5.    Case study
6.    Opinion piece
7.    Award entry
8.    Conference paper synopsis
9.    The list goes on

I’m going to be doing a series of short articles exploring the relationship between sales and marketing and how it can be made more effective.

Manor Marketing provides the ultimate sales-driven marketing communications strategy. What we do can be measured and have a direct impact on sales. Which means your revenue. Your bottom line.  And therefore, your company’s future.