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#nabvision - videos and podcasts

Social media, videos and podcasts play a crucial part in promoting the strategy of any new technology, installation or brand. But these platforms demand immediate, proactive and reactive attention. When it comes to videos, statistics prove that many people watch with the sound off rather than actually listen. That's one reason why podcasts are growing in popularity. How this content is presented is vital for your brand and messaging..

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Why change or update your website?

It’s a new year. 2017. And new initiatives and targets for your company have either already been set or will be shortly.

So, does your current digital marketing offering reflect your new focus and vision or is it hindering your success? Does it back up your sales message? Is it out-of-date? Is it stale and uninviting? Is it boring and uninspired? And that’s just your website. What about social media?

One thing at a time.

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