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TMD partners with Take 1 Transcription for automated metadata

TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has signed a partnership deal with Take 1 Transcription, a leading international transcription company delivering accurate and affordable services to clients around the world. The co-operation will see Take 1’s Liberty Transcription and Metadata Service Platform integrated into the TMD Mediaflex®-UMS asset and workflow management platform as a media service.

Take 1 is widely used by broadcasters and content creators around the world to create timecode-accurate transcriptions of programmes with descriptive metadata. Mediaflex-UMS users will be able to request services from Take 1 through Mediaflex workflows and see enriched metadata returned and added to the Mediaflex data schema, in addition to dialogue transcriptions, metadata, (for example describing sound effects, scene changes, camera shot changes and on-screen product placement) - basically anything seen or heard will be available as a result of the partnership. All returned metadata will be searchable and viewable through the Mediaflex-UMS user interface

“We have taken a revolutionary approach to asset and workflow management, making it the foundation of a service-oriented architecture,” said Tony Taylor, CEO of TMD. “With Mediaflex-UMS service orientated architecture we can interface quickly and simply to any external media service and deliver real tangible benefits to our users. With Take 1’s remarkable reputation for generating accurate, timecoded transcriptions and descriptive metadata and Mediaflex-UMS’ ability to drive software defined workflows based on metadata, we see nothing but benefits to our customers with this partnership. Take 1 Transcription is a really valuable addition to the ever-growing range of Mediaflex-UMS media services.”

“We have very close working relationships with many of the big Hollywood studios and producers,” said Dom Bourne, Founder and President of Take 1. “And this is a great opportunity to showcase this really exciting new development to our current and prospective clients alike.

“Working with TMD has been a pleasure,” he added. “Plugging the gap between the rich metadata we generate and its immediate use in a powerful asset management system is a great step forward.”

TMD can be found on booth N4225 at NAB2016, 18 – 21 April in the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the demonstrations, TMD will be launching additional media services and the Mediaflex-UMS platform, version 5 of TMD’s renowned Mediaflex product which introduces all the benefits of a cloud-enabled, service-oriented architecture to an already powerful product.



About Take 1 Transcription

Founded in 1998, Take 1 Transcription is the trusted provider of transcription, captioning, and translation services to all the major production companies, studios and networks in the U.K. and the U.S. Take 1 Transcription has a strong understanding of broadcast technologies, file-based workflows, and FTP and has developed sophisticated internal systems to maximize use of its distributed workforce. Take 1 Transcription is headquartered in Cranbrook, Kent in the UK, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Latin America. More information about Take 1 can be found at


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United Kingdom

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Telephone:             + 44 (0) 1580 720923

About TMD

TMD is a leading provider of software products focused on delivering media & content management solutions to the global media, broadcast and archive sectors.  The company’s Mediaflex-Unified Media Services (UMS) platform provides a cloud-enabled, service-orientated architecture with media services solutions for the management of both traditional physical media, such as film and video tape, as well as digital content.  TMD’s flexible range of cost-effective packaged media services for ingest, non-linear delivery, post production, DAM and archiving, are available individually or combined for a complete, scalable, end-to-end workflow solution.  The Chameleon browser interface has been designed to be easy to use, requiring little to no user training and can be use with all of TMD’s media services.  Headquartered in Aylesbury UK, TMD’s global reach includes office locations in the USA and Australia.  For additional information on TMD products and services, please visit

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