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Starfish provides simple path to streaming at NAB 2018

NAB 2018, 9 – 12 April, Booth SL5025: Starfish Technologies, a pioneer in broadcast ad insertion and transport stream processing, will introduce new web streaming capabilities to its encoder technology at NAB 2018. 

Starfish Marketing Director Peter Blatchford said, “Our encoder products now support streaming to the web/cloud in two forms:  RTMP, suitable for streaming content direct to YouTube and other web distribution platforms, and RTP/UDP Unicast of a transport stream, suitable for streaming content direct to cloud-based media services.” 

The Starfish open platform encoder runs on generic enterprise grade servers and will ingest traditional SDI signals and output MPEG2 or H.264, with the additional benefits of +hour time delayed outputs, SCTE signal handling, and integrated closed caption processing.  

At NAB 2018, Starfish will also introduce TS Slate Player, a new product that’s an expansion of its transport stream processing product range. This is a cost-effective solution for playing static slates in applications such as channel warning messages, occasional channels, pre-launch information and content blackout scenarios. Users can run many channels from a single server and avoid tying up full broadcast transmission systems and character generators for these simple applications. The Slate Player provides a broadcast output stream with time stamps, continuity counts, and managed structural information so it appears clean for all downstream devices.  

Blatchford concluded, “The new capabilities of our open platform encoder help bridge the requirement of providing a streaming service from a traditional broadcast infrastructure, whilst the TS Slate Player provides a very cost-effective solution to an increasingly common broadcast requirement.”    

Finally, Starfish will officially launch a major software revamp to its Advantage Video Description product range, which has gained universal praise during its initial rollout to Starfish end-users.  

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