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Manor Marketing has always been very helpful in terms of when we need more information on certain products and other details relevant for the stories and features we are writing. Jennie and her team also makes it easy for us trade journalists to have access to information and key people (from their clients) during tradeshows. All in all, they are truly professional.
— Shawn Lieu, Managing Editor, Asia Pacific Broadcasting

Manor Marketing has always been quick to respond to requests from journalists, whether it be with regard to securing an interview with a company, photographs or wanting to do case studies or generic technical articles. At shows, Manor Marketing is always proactive in that it understands my needs as a journalist from the Middle East and briefs clients on what kind of stories we would be interested in before we go to the meeting. Manor Marketing ensures we don’t waste our time at any meeting and both client and journalist go back satisfied that we have achieved our goals.
— Vijaya Cherian, Group Editor, Broadcast Division, BroadcastPro Middle East

I’ve known the Manor Marketing team for about ten years. In that time I have seen at first hand the combination of impeccable organisational skills and industry knowledge. PR people come and go with alarming regularity and so the combination of both Manor’s staying power and the personal relations build up over the years is invaluable. Press materials are well written and you are never in any doubt as to what a product actually is.
— Julian Clover, Editor,

As editor of TV Technology since 2001, I have worked with Jennie Evans and her company, Manor Marketing for more than a decade. Jennie is extremely professional with an eye for detail and she has a winning personality as well. She surrounds herself with very capable and competent staff which provide prompt and comprehensive information when needed. She has a keen instinct for what journalists need, which is vital for any PR agency in this industry. I enjoy working with Jennie and her staff at Manor Marketing and look forward to continuing that close working relationship in the future as well.
— Tom Butts, Editor-in-Chief, TV Technology
TV-Bay has worked with Jennie and her team at Manor Marketing for around six years, more or less since the beginning of our monthly magazine.

The team at Manor Marketing proactively add client news to our online pressroom ensuring it gets online quickly as well as continually approaching us with feature relevant editorial for print consideration, the news is to the point, with images and in past experience requires no editing.

For any editorial features the discussed article will arrive, again requiring little if any edit and always meets, or exceeds, our required guidelines. The ideas are fresh, innovative and often with a new approach to topics that have been covered by many for so long.

The team consists of hugely knowledgeable and broadcast industry experienced people with open minds willing to try new ideas and with enthusiasm evident in bundles. As someone who spends a lot of time working with the people from Manor Marketing I can say that the client tours at trade shows are breath-taking (literally!) with not a moment wasted and whilst appreciating their clients’ needs they also have a thorough understanding of how we work and deliver us the most relevant meetings and content on time every time!
— Simon Tillyer, Managing Director, KitPlus

I have worked with Jennie Evans and the Manor Marketing team across TVBEurope and The IBC Daily for more years than I care to remember! And now I continue that with SVG Europe. Manor Marketing is among the most experienced PR agencies in the broadcast media business.

More importantly, perhaps, the Manor Marketing team has deep knowledge of the fast-moving broadcast technology business; they know the issues that are of concern to industry vendors through first-hand experience, and they fully understand the intertwined relationships between manufacturers, broadcasters and the business press.

These relationships are essential — and it is very easy to get them wrong. Manor Marketing understands the issues and pressures involved in delivering news and feature stories that deliver for all parties involved. I am very happy to recommend Jennie and her team for any project or opportunity in the broadcast media/PR business.
— Fergal Ringrose, Editorial Director, SVG Europe & IBC Daily (formally TVBEurope)