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Video marketing is now a crucial part of any media mix and using creative and digital content is a valuable method of getting in front of the customer.

As well as producing product, industry and overview videos for multiple use, Manor Marketing offers a unique product and service called #vision. Short videos with subtitles are taken before and during exhibitions and uploaded straight away to social media channels, as well as sending them to the exhibitor for them to utilise across their platforms. Podcasts are arranged as a one-off or in a series and uploaded to all relevant platforms for maximum input and reaction.

All content needs to be available across multi-platforms and Video PRs (VPRs) are a new way of getting across your message to the media, customers, partners, etc. as well as useful for newsletter and any outbound communications. It's all about getting in front of the right people in a way they want to consume information. But VPRs are far more than just a press release being turned into a video. It offers insight, opinion, thoughts, and product or customer information. 

But don't just take our word for it! The media are loving how they have another way of getting their readers eyeballs, customers are finding it useful to show various colleagues why they should invest in technology/organisations, and partners/dealers are finding it a really good way of getting their message across too.

Some examples of VPRs can be seen here: