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Manor Marketing specialises in marketing, social media, PR, events and sales strategy.

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We believe that all generated material has a commercial benefit and can be used as part of your sales toolkit. The aim of all PR/marcoms/social media/videos/podcasts – basically outbound communications be it digital or print – is to enhance brand, reputation and ultimately, revenue.

It’s not enough anymore to generate PRs and hope they’ll be read by the appropriate people. Maximising the reach and potential of every single piece of news is the key to multi-platform success. So, we don't generate PRs or articles. We generate content. Great content to guarantee all brand and messaging opportunities are captured.

With the current state of the market and economy, the business and ROI strategy, consultancy, as well as the risk management offered, needs to be highlighted and a strong message throughout all activities. You need to be seen as a benefactor to your customer/partner, rather than a straight supplier. The media, and therefore, market, need to be looking to you as the authority, choice and leader going forward – making the difference in a very positive and focused way. And always thinking about the business implications.


With 20 years experience, specialising in outbound communications for clients

Now in its twentieth year of business, working alongside in-house marketing or becoming the outsourced marketing department, Manor Marketing continues to excel at offering premier marketing and communications services through a dedicated, experienced and qualified team. Manor Marketing has won a number of industry awards over the years and has also been recognised by NAB as a Social Influencer for 2018 and 2019. Agency personnel are also regularly employed on an interim basis for marketing, events and sales roles.

Flexibility has never been more important in broadcast, and marketing consultancy is no exception, so we tailor our approach and level of service to fit what’s actually required, and sometimes have to be brutally honest about what we see as necessary versus the in-house perception. That flexibility and insight has led us to assisting companies, our specialty being SMEs, through everything from new product launches to MBO and VC journeys. Although we built our reputation by working with broadcast manufacturers, facilities companies, and professional associations, we’ve recently diversified into AV and other media entertainment sectors. As we said, flexibility.

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Commercially Focused

Extensive knowledge & a tailored approach

But no matter who we consult for, everything we do has a commercial focus. We’re not just about getting print and online articles published. We tailor content to be pushed through multiple platforms, which obviously includes social media, home pages, sales collateral, etc. Our technical knowledge ensures that we can communicate messages from the very basic to the very complicated, depending on the intended audience. However, behind it all, the end goal is to ensure our clients are highly visible to decision makers and therefore, potential revenue generators.

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Commercially focused

Commercially focused

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Consistently monitoring & improving our service offerings

Of course, if you can’t measure success, how do you know you’ve succeeded? Measuring and monitoring communications is a passion for us, and we continue to invest in the latest software to validate the value of every campaign. We also invest in specialist personnel to ensure that all the latest technologies and techniques are applied for the good of our clients.

Now, despite all the technology and technique at our disposal, there’s still no substitute for face-to-face meetings to determine what’s really important and how to promote it. Ideas emerge from face-to-face meetings that can never come out over email, phone, or video call. Modern technology offers fabulous tools, but there’s nothing like a good old chin-wag.

20 years in business teaches you that, sometimes the hard way. But the value of lessons learned surely make life easier. It also makes life a lot more flexible.

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During its 20 years in business, Manor Marketing has worked with some of the best and most respected broadcast and technology innovators, as well as members of the media. And if you don’t believe us, what about these people?

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