Maximising reach and potential

We believe that all generated material has a commercial benefit and can be used as part of your sales toolkit. The aim of all PR/marcoms/social media/videos/podcasts – basically outbound communications be it digital or print – is to enhance brand, reputation and ultimately, revenue.

It’s not enough anymore to generate PRs and hope they’ll be read by the appropriate people. Maximising the reach and potential of every single piece of news is the key to multi-platform success. So, we don’t generate PRs or articles. We generate content. Great content to guarantee all brand and messaging opportunities are captured.

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Commercially Focused

Extensive knowledge & a tailored approach

We highlight brands and drive sales on an individual basis, ensuring our clients are highly visible to relevant stakeholders in the decision and buying process. We tailor content to be visible through multiple platforms, be that via our extensive media contacts (print and online), social media, newsletters, website, events, collateral, etc. Our knowledge and experience provides communication from the very basic to the very complicated, depending on the intended audience.

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  • Tailored

    We offer tailored service levels to suit your business needs, and how your business flows.

  • Trusted

    We operate with honesty, transparency and integrity at all times.

  • Targeted

    We remain commercially focused and work to deliver on objectives within the agreed timescales.

Established in

Roots planted

Why the name Manor Marketing? Because when Jennie Marwick-Evans, founder and owner, decided to start her second company, she lived in Manor Place and she’s always had a thing about using the same letters. So, that’s how it came about. And nearly 25-years later, there’s never been a reason to change.

Manor Marketing started in 2001 working with industry, global legends Pro-bel and Chyron. Then came TSL. And an organisation, IABM. The list goes on. And they were all interested in the same thing - business focused marketing and PR, with a firm eye on the ROI and getting that PO.

Over the 20+ years that followed, Manor Marketing represented best-of-breed manufacturers, facility companies and professional associations in media entertainment, and has been proud to be involved in everything from new product/technology launches to MBOs and VC journeys.

The original roots planted continue to flourish. They’re still strong, enthusiastic, and will never stop growing. There’s just more of them.

Still going strong

Now in its twenty-third year of business, working alongside in-house marketing or becoming the outsourced marketing department, Manor Marketing continues to excel at offering premier services through a dedicated, experienced and qualified team.

But those roots are always searching for new opportunities. New growth. March 2024 saw the partnership with Robin Hoffman to launch Manor US. And they’re not going to stop there…

By constantly challenging and embracing how people consume and want content, as well as how customers learn about the innovations in the broadcast and wider environments and what they should invest in, one thing remains constant. People buy from people. Be it via more traditional methods or utilising the latest technology available, how we communicate is part of that process. And Manor Marketing is excited to continue that journey of growth and exploration.

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Get to know us

#ManorSpirit is its people. As well as how we work. Specialising in long-term client relations, as well as nurturing younger talent, the established team pushes the boundaries of what marketing and PR can achieve by being passionate, enthusiastic and keen to learn.

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