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Cambridge, UK, 23rd April 2020: Pixel Power is hosting a massive personalised customer engagement programme with a series of over a hundred one-to-one online meetings over the next six weeks. The aim is to replicate the best and most important aspects of a tradeshow - conversations with customers about their projects and how our technology can help.

“Listening to our customers’ needs is at the heart of what we have always done at Pixel Power – it’s why we are trusted to deliver on what we say we will”, explained James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. “At this time of global lockdown and with all tradeshows either cancelled or postponed, we wanted to find an alternative method to replicate those confidential one-to-one meetings between our customers and technology colleagues”.

“We believe that this ‘new normal’ offers new opportunities too. Software defined, virtualizable playout solutions enable broadcasters to be very flexibile very quickly and we are already witnessing this with existing installations. While this is a challenging time for us all, we are busy helping customers manage playout infrastructure in ways that were just dreams only a couple of years ago. Their investments in virtualizable, flexible master control playout are paying off”.

Showtime Pixel Power is replacing social-distancing with social-connecting while maintaining the physical distancing measures in place throughout the world. The Showtime Pixel Power programme delivers hundreds of one-to-one online meetings that bring together end users, product managers, development engineers and business owners to discuss exactly what they would have discussed at tradeshows like NAB.

Gilbert continued, “Our calendars are filled with online demos, videos and webinars, so the value of our Showtime meetings is connecting with people one-to-one. Mass marketed webinars are useful but nothing beats personal communication. These online meetings are crucial for us to continue listening to our customer’s plans and goals and offer them support and innovative solutions.”

Showtime Pixel Power will run for six weeks. 

Meetings can be booked by contacting

" How we market what we do and how we do it is critical right now."

Throughout the past nineteen years, Manor Marketing has faced many challenges albeit none such as those we face today amidst the COVID19 Pandemic. Marketing and branding have never had a more important role in business continuity than now. In this short IABM TV interview CEO Jennie-Marwick shares her top marketing tips and ideas for business continuity in these unprecedented times.


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Aldermaston, UK, 02 April 2020: GB Labs, the global leader in intelligent storage solutions, has today announced the appointment of Howard Twine as Chief Product Officer. Twine joins GB Labs from EditShare where he held the post of Director of Software Strategy for the QScan Brand.

Twine's experience spans many different sectors of the industry. Prior to EditShare, Twine was the Chief Operating Officer at Vidcheck. With a strong background in workflow and technology he has been instrumental in bringing MAM solutions to market as well as the first productisation of LTFS for the industry.

At GB Labs, Twine will be leading the interface between GB Labs users, technology partners and the development of new technologies – maintaining and enhancing GB Labs market leadership.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, "Twine joining has enabled us to promote Duncan Beattie to the role of Chief Solutions Officer. This is a newly created position in response to market demand and our customer/partner requirements.

"It allows Beattie to concentrate on the identification, development and delivery of our solutions to a wider market demographic, as well as working more closely with our sales team, strategic partners and end customers."

Harland concluded, "Beattie’s unparalleled storage expertise, together with Twine’s 23 year experience, is vital to our business continuity strategy and the timing of this announcement couldn’t be better."

 Manor Marketing is geared up to work from home #WFH. Everyone has mobiles, laptops and another screen to use. Everything is online and shared. #RemoteResponse and #BuisnessContinuity is our total #focus for our #clients and our local #community too.

And we are moving into new offices this weekend. It's actually right next door to our current office, but a self-contained building. Almost like a little house. No-one apart from us, will be going in or out. And it's being deep cleaned before we go in.
It's on three levels - downstairs is big and with our six desks, we can be more than 1m+ apart easily. Level two is a bathroom and an office which is the green screen room, as well as a general breakout area.Level three is a kitchen and another large room which is where a massive smart TV is being installed, together with #online meeting facilities.

Why am I excited about the new office? Or even going ahead with it? And why am i #investing right now?

Because we have to protect now and the future. And when we are all asked to stay at home for a long period of time, we're all going to go a bit stir crazy. With or without kids! Our new office will be a safe haven when we all need a break. It's stocked well with cleaning materials, snacks and drinks, and there will be rules about cleaning. And as long as everyone is healthy, kids can be safe upstairs watching Netflix or Youtube, playing a game, getting creative, or revising etc. - whilst we're downstairs ,doing videos on having online meetings. Or frankly just having a bit of a catch up! And no, I'm not saying everyone has to work form the office, but giving people options is the smart thing to do.

This situation isn't ideal, but taking care of your #team, #business and the local community is not only a duty of care, it's the right thing to do. Physically and Mentally.

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