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28 Dec

Best Full-Service Broadcast Marketing Agency – UK

Celebrating 15 years this year, Manor Marketing is responsible for the outbound communications for SMEs in a wide range of industries including broadcasting, manufacturing and facilities. Jennie provides us with an overview of the firm’s services and explains how it drives value for clients.

“Everything we do has a commercial focus. We are not just about getting the story published, be it online or print, but about utilising the content generated for a story for multiple uses: social media, website, PR, case studies, sales collateral, etc. Our technical knowledge and background ensures that we can educate the reader from the basics all the way to the very complicated. But behind everything we do, we are thinking about the end goal: to ensure our client is in front of the decision makers and therefore, revenue generators.

“We are also responsible for their online presence, including website, app, and social media. We have partner organisations for website and app design, but also do this in-house. Regardless of how an online platform was originally designed and populated, we tend to take on responsibility for a substantial part of the look and content, keeping both up-to-date.

“Measuring and monitoring communications is a real passion at Manor Marketing and we are proud to have invested in the latest software to prove the worth of every campaign. We have also invested in specialist personnel – for instance a digital communications manager – to ensure that all the latest technologies and techniques can be applied for the good of our clients.”

Looking ahead, Jennie concludes that the firm has a number of projects and plans for the future which will set it up for strong growth and development.

“Contract sales and marketing is an aspect of our service offering which we are focused on currently, and are keen to develop it and drive growth in this area. Due to our commercial strength, it is a natural progression and in recent months it has been regularly requested. We are also doing more event-focused projects, as well as being approached from outside of the industry.

“Our involvement in the main organisations of the industry gives us unique insight into the broadcasters, as well as clients, and this has led to some very exciting opportunities which we are keen to capitalise on in the coming months.”

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