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06 Feb

Do you have a strategy or are you just winging it?

Manor Marketing, now in its 16th year, prides itself on being a full-service PR, marketing, sales and strategy agency.

And it’s the strategy aspect that many people forget, but at their peril. Strategic planning is just as key to any out-bound communications programme as it is to a product or service launch. While still important, issuing press releases and hoping they’ll be read somewhere by someone important is no longer enough, on its own, to generate sales leads or reinforce brand identity.

Today, ultimate success and ROI require a highly targeted, well thought-out strategy to maximise the potential reach of every piece of news – especially in light of numerous, multi-platform outlets for that news. For example, what might not make the grade as a press release can, couched in the right way, be an attention-grabbing, far-reaching blog, LinkedIn article, Tweet or Facebook status (multi-platform outlets) that can have an immediate beneficial impact far in excess of a paragraph on page 31.

With the current challenges in the broadcast industry, a consistent, firm strand must be established throughout all PR/marcoms initiatives. Being a supplier - whether of black boxes, intellectual property, or software - in isolation is not enough. You must be seen as a trusted problem solver, confidant and, if you will, a benefactor with your clients’ best interests at heart. That needs to be reflected in all outgoing communications, establishing you as a trusted authority with a vision of the near- and long-term future.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The exponential rate of change in broadcast is driving the need for levels of flexibility never before seen, which as an Agency we address every day. If you have something to tell the world, tell it right, tell it quick, and tell it through every appropriate channel. We tailor our approach and service levels to reflect precisely what can be done, both proactively and, sometimes, reactively, to match what’s actually required, and doable.

We built our reputation with broadcast manufacturers, facilities companies, and professional associations, and the same principles of honesty and flexibility apply to other areas into which we’ve recently diversified such as education, health, even beauty. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, but fundamental, professional principles do.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of maintaining a commercial focus at all times. Marketing, PR and Sales support are all central to that, but it’s not just about getting articles published. It’s about being visible as a thought leader online, in print, at conferences and, increasingly through video.

We provide expertise in all those areas, but it starts with a strategy, and a flexible one at that.

Manor Marketing

  • Is a premier, global communications agency for the broadcasting/technology industries
  • Offers a truly integrated sales/marketing tool
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  • Is results-oriented to meet business objectives
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  • Offers effective tradeshow and conference communications workflows
  • Offers traditional methods alongside new trends working to maximise brand awareness
  • Is your B2B, technology, commercial partner

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