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14 Jan

Manor Marketing wins Best Full-Service Broadcasting Marketing Agency 2018 in the M & A Global Awards

Inferring to the old cliché that job satisfaction is a result of a successfully completed task, there is no denying that receiving an award is something that everyone (whether they like to admit it or not) strives for. It invokes a greater sense of pride and reaffirms that what you do is good, really good; all the behind-the scenes work is working; and somebody is acknowledging your successes above the parapet of other industry rivals. This is how we, the team at Manor Marketing (Consultants) Ltd feel.

The team are proud to announce that Manor Marketing (Consultants) Ltd has won The M & A Today Global Awards: Best Full-Service Broadcasting Marketing Agency 2018 – UK. The M & A Today Awards are globally recognised involving voters from 163 different countries identifying those at the top of their game. An Independent panel of judges were asked to judge nominees on a variety of skills; concentrating on strategy, complexity and innovative ways of working.

The work Manor has done in the last year, and indeed every year since its first day in action, reassures our clients and industry movers and shakers that we are not just a plain ordinary marketing company. We have a thorough, ‘enough to be dangerous’ knowledge of the ins and outs of the broadcast world enabling us to identify prime opportunity to maximise benefits to our clients.

Winning this award suggests to us that people respect and believe in our new exciting methods of working as well as the traditional proven techniques. For somebody to nominate us is flattering enough, but to have all our efforts recognised is even better! However, time to celebrate must wait. Strategy needs implementing; PRs still need generating; articles need writing; websites updating, imagery created – the work does not stop.

It would be a bold proclamation to make the claim that we are the best broadcast industry marketing company out there; that is only something that you can decide - but we are proud of who we are; what we do; and how we do it. The fact that we have several awards sitting on the shelf also speaks for itself. So, taking a moment to reflect, we the team, would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all those that have supported us and to those that have seen Manor Marketing as worthy of winning an award.

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