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24 Apr

#nabvision - videos and podcasts

#nabvision - videos and podcasts

Social media, videos and podcasts play a crucial part in promoting the strategy of any new technology, installation or brand. But these platforms demand immediate, proactive and reactive attention. When it comes to videos, statistics prove that many people watch with the sound off rather than actually listen. That's one reason why podcasts are growing in popularity. How this content is presented is vital for your brand and messaging..

Manor Marketing understands that today’s information-hungry world needs a combination of all outbound communication, and preparation ensures a successful event and launch. But for buzz, hype, awareness and your brand being seen where it matters, when it matters, there’s nothing like a well thought out social media, video and podcast strategy for immediate impact.

#nabvision was a unique offering to Manor clients, as well as the UK Pavilion at NAB. It offered immediate social media, video and podcast uploading of brand, messaging and strategy. And as Manor Marketing had been recognised as an official NAB Social Influencer, the potential reach and exposure was even greater and wider. Uploaded and distributed via Manor Marketing's Vimeo account, all the videos can be branded and tagged for easier pick-up. And Soundcloud was used in the same way for podcasts.

So, what happened?

During the build-up and show itself, Manor Marketing shot, edited and uploaded over 40 short videos with subtitles to multiple social media platforms on behalf of numerous companies. And in addition, over 10 podcasts were recorded.

And the response?

Overwhelmingly positive! Short, sharp and focused videos were retweeted, liked and commented on many times and the manufacturers/clients really appreciated the nice, simple, but effective approach. The media used them as quick ways of getting to know the company and what it was showing, and the visitors used them to confirm who they should see.

Next up, #bcavision and #ibcvision

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