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02 Apr

What exactly is an NAB Social Influencer?

Good question! There are three of us this year – a video blogger, a cinematographer and me!

I’m all about the technology. The buzz. The show floor. What’s new and exciting. But NAB has asked for it to be ‘real’, ‘authentic’ and ‘personal’ too.

My #NABStory.

I arrive on Thursday evening, late, so after probably a couple of night caps, I’ll be heading to bed. The plane will be full of people I know and therefore, there will be lots of chats in the aisle - gaining insight and knowledge into their perception and expectation of this year’s NAB. However, I’m not going to do social media from the plane…

Although NAB is Monday through Thursday, a lot happens the week and weekend before, so if you hear of anything that the wider NAB audience should know, please do let me know!

My take on NAB will be via Manor Marketing and its Twitter handle @manormarketing. I will also do round-ups on LinkedIn. I hope to bring all of you – there and not – a real feeling of what’s happening @NAB Show #NABShow

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