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Do you have a strategy or are you just winging it?

Manor Marketing, now in its 16th year, prides itself on being a full-service PR, marketing, sales and strategy agency.

And it’s the strategy aspect that many people forget, but at their peril. Strategic planning is just as key to any out-bound communications programme as it is to a product or service launch. While still important, issuing press releases and hoping they’ll be read somewhere by someone important is no longer enough, on its own, to generate sales leads or reinforce brand identity.

Today, ultimate success and ROI require a highly targeted, well thought-out strategy to maximise the potential reach of every piece of news – especially in light of numerous, multi-platform outlets for that news. For example, what might not make the grade as a press release can, couched in the right way, be an attention-grabbing, far-reaching blog, LinkedIn article, Tweet or Facebook status (multi-platform outlets) that can have an immediate beneficial impact far in excess of a paragraph on page 31.

With the current challenges in the broadcast industry, a consistent, firm strand must be established throughout all PR/marcoms initiatives. Being a supplier - whether of black boxes, intellectual property, or software - in isolation is not enough. You must be seen as a trusted problem solver, confidant and, if you will, a benefactor with your clients’ best interests at heart. That needs to be reflected in all outgoing communications, establishing you as a trusted authority with a vision of the near- and long-term future.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The exponential rate of change in broadcast is driving the need for levels of flexibility never before seen, which as an Agency we address every day. If you have something to tell the world, tell it right, tell it quick, and tell it through every appropriate channel. We tailor our approach and service levels to reflect precisely what can be done, both proactively and, sometimes, reactively, to match what’s actually required, and doable.

We built our reputation with broadcast manufacturers, facilities companies, and professional associations, and the same principles of honesty and flexibility apply to other areas into which we’ve recently diversified such as education, health, even beauty. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, but fundamental, professional principles do.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of maintaining a commercial focus at all times. Marketing, PR and Sales support are all central to that, but it’s not just about getting articles published. It’s about being visible as a thought leader online, in print, at conferences and, increasingly through video.

We provide expertise in all those areas, but it starts with a strategy, and a flexible one at that.

Manor Marketing

  • Is a premier, global communications agency for the broadcasting/technology industries
  • Offers a truly integrated sales/marketing tool
  • Has multi-platform influence - PR, marketing, advertising, social media, digital, mobile all working together
  • Produces engaging content and measures effectiveness
  • Is results-oriented to meet business objectives
  • Builds relationships with dealers, customers, consultants and media
  • Offers effective tradeshow and conference communications workflows
  • Offers traditional methods alongside new trends working to maximise brand awareness
  • Is your B2B, technology, commercial partner

Manor Marketing NAB 2017 Client New Kit/Launch Summary


C7137 Domo will feature its new Broadcast Nano HD transmitter, PRORXD 8-Way Diversity RF wireless receiver platform, and improved bi-directional camera controls at NAB. Also being launched is Encipher, a dual-channel IP encoder. Maryland-based broadcast technology specialists 3G Wireless will also be on the Domo booth. 3G Wireless has deployed a range of on-board camera systems based on Domo’s SOLO7 OBTX transmitters and wireless receivers for the 2017 WeatherTech Championship which opened with the 55th Rolex 24 on the weekend of January 26-29 at Daytona International Speedway. The system will be used again by the 65th Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Fuelled by Fresh From Florida at Sebring International Raceway on March 15-18. And the team Visit Florida car will be on the booth showcasing video footage from the technology utilised.

C7649 Photon Beard will be showcasing its Highlight LED range of remote phosphor directional softlights and talking about global YouTube Studio installations.


SL11116 Cinegy will be showcasing the latest version of Cinegy Air PRO, its real-time playout server and multi-channel broadcast automation software, and Cinegy News, an all-in-one new production package that now includes Cinegy Archive and Cinegy Desktop – which includes a fully featured NRCS client to provide an all-inclusive, pre-integrated news production environment.

SL5825 Suitcase TV will demonstrate Iphrame Flyaway its compact, powerful IP-based production system, which combines IP, ASI, and SDI signals in a portable systems for real-time, ultra-low latency production on the fly. Once connected to a broadcast centre via any standard IP link, Iphrame can be online in minutes, you only need to plug in SDI cameras/feeds and audio sources. Major US brand broadcasters are now buying into this technology and seeing increased viewers, as well as monetisation.

SL8320 Pixel Power will be demonstrating its software-defined tools including StreamMaster™ Media Processing and Gallium™ Workflow Orchestration in virtualised and cloud implementations. StreamMaster Media Processing is a processing platform that allows you to do things “to” a piece of media content. For example, transcoding, rendering, master control, real-time graphics and DVE delivery. Gallium Workflow Orchestration is a workflow platform that allows you to do things “with” a piece of content. You might want to assemble the content to deliver a linear playout channel with automated branding, or you might want to produce a VOD channel from the same schedules with no manual intervention, or you might want to automatically create localized versions of the content for secondary markets - this allows the broadcaster to monetise their content in more ways or save money in their production process. Each platform comprises of a suite of features and functionality and you can buy outright the main features that you want to use all the time, but for features that you only use occasionally, you can buy by the hour. Major global brand customers will be announced at the show.


N5924 Starfish is launching a new addition to its range of transport stream processing products which will take the TS Splicer’s existing, clear, advantages and adding new features which will support an ever growing range of application areas. The TS Splicer combines low propagation delay, multiple-channel, frame-accurate transport stream media splicing with media storage and SCTE 35 opt-out signal decoding. In addition, a new Switch product is being launched to work with those US Broadcasters who already have add insertion technology. And finally, they will be launching a US operation and talking about a multi-national, corporate client who’s standardising on Starfish.

N5931 Veset will feature Veset Nimbus™, a platform for versatile, powerful, and entirely cloud-based all-in-one playout that also includes powerful new tools for live event management.

N6227 TMD is launching new bolt-ons, built on the Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) architecture for software-defined workflow management. MediaPackages provides complete workflow management for the creation and delivery of packages to non-linear/OTT platforms. MediaMiSR provides sophisticated integration with third-party scheduling systems, automatically raises workflows based on those schedules, reports on missing content and manages cache storage for transmission-ready content for playout systems. Finally, MediaLines provides complete management for the scheduled recording of live feeds.

Cinegy Q&A NAB 2017

Lewis Kirkaldie, Head of Product Management, Cinegy spoke to Manor Marketing ahead of NAB 2017. Learn more about cloud playout, IP compression and workflows and the benefits of 16K.

Cinegy will be on Booth SL11116 at NAB 2017. Email if you would like to meet with Cinegy at NAB 2017

Watch the video here.

Pixel Power Q&A NAB 2017

Ciaran Doran, Exec VP, Pixel Power, spoke to Manor Marketing ahead of NAB 2017. Learn more about new technology platforms launching at NAB, virtualized playout and master control.

Pixel Power will be on Booth SL8320 at NAB 2017. Email if you would like to meet with Pixel Power at NAB 2017

Watch the video here.

Starfish Q&A NAB 2017

Peter Blatchford, Sales & Marketing Director, Starfish Technologies, spoke to Manor Marketing ahead of NAB 2017. Learn more about improvements to existing technology, a new product launch and announces a new partnership with Pebble Beach Systems.

Starfish Technologies will be on Booth N5924 at NAB 2017. Email if you would like to meet with Starfish Technologies at NAB 2017.

Watch the video here.

NAB Editorial Appointments – how different works

NAB is a massive investment, and managing expectations is made all the harder by the amount of pressure to launch that new product, get that customer signed or make that alliance.

NAB is a classic sales, marketing and technology mix. All three resources are needed and are just as important as the other.

Manor Marketing gets involved in two out of the three – sales and marketing – and helps manage those expectations.

One of the biggest pressures for any PR/Marketing Agency around an exhibition/tradeshow is the setting up of editorial appointments. The media is only interested in new announcements and their time is extremely limited.

So, how are you going to get your client message across – especially if the announcement is important for your client, but not necessarily seen in the same way by the media? Tricky…

Manor Marketing decided to take the pain out of the setting up of interviews and the pain of having to take a senior member of staff away from a potential customer.

It’s all about preparation. Months in advance. And giving the media what they want, when they want it and how they want it. It’s a win-win for the client and the media and the response has been incredible.

But yes, you’ll still see Manor Marketing at NAB because all that preparation months ago led to requested appointments.

How different is that?

GDPR - Why do you care?

GDPR is coming in May this year and all EU companies will need to be actively getting their data compliant with the new regulations. Manor Marketing held a webinar on Wednesday 14th February (Happy Valentine's!) to outline the new legislation, what it means your business and how to comply.

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Jennie Marwick-Evans named as NAB Show Official Media Influencer 2018

NAB show organisers today announced that Jennie Marwick-Evans of Manor Marketing has been named one of NAB Show's official Social Influencers for 2018! With responsibility for promotion of all aspects of the NAB show, Jennie will also be involved in Facebook Live and Twitter Live sessions during the event itself.

#nabvision - videos and podcasts

#nabvision - videos and podcasts

Social media, videos and podcasts play a crucial part in promoting the strategy of any new technology, installation or brand. But these platforms demand immediate, proactive and reactive attention. When it comes to videos, statistics prove that many people watch with the sound off rather than actually listen. That's one reason why podcasts are growing in popularity. How this content is presented is vital for your brand and messaging..

Manor Marketing understands that today’s information-hungry world needs a combination of all outbound communication, and preparation ensures a successful event and launch. But for buzz, hype, awareness and your brand being seen where it matters, when it matters, there’s nothing like a well thought out social media, video and podcast strategy for immediate impact.

#nabvision was a unique offering to Manor clients, as well as the UK Pavilion at NAB. It offered immediate social media, video and podcast uploading of brand, messaging and strategy. And as Manor Marketing had been recognised as an official NAB Social Influencer, the potential reach and exposure was even greater and wider. Uploaded and distributed via Manor Marketing's Vimeo account, all the videos can be branded and tagged for easier pick-up. And Soundcloud was used in the same way for podcasts.

So, what happened?

During the build-up and show itself, Manor Marketing shot, edited and uploaded over 40 short videos with subtitles to multiple social media platforms on behalf of numerous companies. And in addition, over 10 podcasts were recorded.

And the response?

Overwhelmingly positive! Short, sharp and focused videos were retweeted, liked and commented on many times and the manufacturers/clients really appreciated the nice, simple, but effective approach. The media used them as quick ways of getting to know the company and what it was showing, and the visitors used them to confirm who they should see.

Next up, #bcavision and #ibcvision

Manor Marketing Wins Best Full-Service Broadcast Marketing Agency 2018 - UK

Manor Marketing is a full-service PR and marketing communications agency, specialising in digital and B2B for broadcast and technology industries. Having recently recognised the firm in our prestigious Media Awards 2018, we decided it was high time we profiled the firm to learn more about the secrets behind its incredible success.

Click here for the full article

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