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Cinegy partners with Hannu Pro to support sales in the Baltic region

Cinegy, a premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout services, has signed an agreement appointing Hannu Pro, one of leading system integrator companies in Europe, as its new sales partner for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. 

With over 25 years' experience, Hannu Pro specialises in deploying innovative solutions for broadcasters and media organisations. As well as a consultancy service, the company offers workflow and system design, project management, installation and support services.

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy GmbH commented: “The Baltic region is one of our growth markets and we are delighted to join forces with an experienced SI and distributor like Hannu Pro. Their expertise in television and broadcast will offer our customers an additional layer of support and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship with the Hannu Pro team.”

Cinegy Air PRO simplifies multi-channel delivery, allowing customers to run many channels with flexibly configurable features from a single unit.

Cinegy Capture PRO reinvents the acquisition and transcode process, allowing operators to work with a rich client interface running anywhere on the network, and simultaneously generating all versions needed for archive, editing and remote working.

Cinegy Multiviewer runs as a service operating on commodity IT equipment, displaying, and analysing signals from multiple sources and raising alerts for any detected signal problems.

 “Hannu Pro has a reputation for working with the world's best vendors in the industry,” said Ruslans Akulovs, Development Director at Hannu Pro. “We are proud to add Cinegy products to our offering and we know that our customers in this region will benefit greatly from access to the attractive price/performance ratio that they deliver.”

To find out more and catch up with the Cinegy team, visit us at IBC Show on stand 7.A01. 

Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm spearhead live 5G Broadcast streaming to smartphones at IBC 2022

Give clear demonstration of the potential of 5G Broadcast/Multicast to redefine content delivery and create new revenue streams

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast transmitter and media technologies, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the driving force behind the development, launch and expansion of 5G, have once again joined forces to underline the potential of 5G Broadcast/Multicast to drive new business models and transform the way content is delivered. At IBC 2022, the two companies will deliver a full end-to-end live 5G Broadcast/Multicast streaming demonstration showcasing Broadcast/Multicast capabilities over 5G. During the show live content will be transmitted using a 5G Broadcast signal over-the-air giving visitors a taste of an advanced live mobile experience. The demonstration will offer insight into how network operators and broadcasters can leverage 5G Broadcast/Multicast to create new and innovative services across a wide range of business segments, while benefitting from high spectral efficiency and reduced costs.

The live 5G Broadcast streaming demonstration is formed by Rohde & Schwarz’s end-to-end 3GPP compliant solution, comprising a 5G Broadcast RAN enabled with R&S TLU9 transmitter and the Broadcast/Multicast Core Network powered by the Broadcast Service and Control Center (BSCC2.0). During IBC 2022, a live signal will be transmitted over-the-air from the Rohde & Schwarz booth, using Kathrein antenna systems to a smartphone form-factor test device from Qualcomm Technologies. The workflow will also leverage a filter provided by Spinner.

Built on the 3GPP Rel-16 feature-set, the 5G Broadcast solution operates in a Receive-Only Mode (ROM), Free-To-Air (FTA) and without the need for a SIM card (SIM-free reception). Rohde & Schwarz will show the 5G Broadcast dedicated mode in action, with a standalone transmitter, operating within the UHF band.

Manfred Reitmeier, VP broadcast and amplifier systems at Rohde & Schwarz, commented: “5G Broadcast technology has the potential to transform the way content services are delivered without compromising existing mobile cellular services. We are excited to show IBC visitors what is possible today with the current technology and give them a taste of a real world 5G Broadcast scenario. We are proud to continue our collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies as we work to drive the technology forward and show partners and customers exactly what they can achieve.”

“We are delighted to bring this collaboration with the Rohde & Schwarz team to IBC 2022 and show how the delivery of digital TV content over 3GPP standardized technology can look without the need for additional chipsets," said Lorenzo Casaccia, VP of technical standards & intellectual property at Qualcomm Europe, Inc. “Together with our new 5G R&D technology demonstration we have repeatedly proven that 5G Broadcast is here today and can be experienced first-hand.”

Broadcast/Multicast over 5G opens up a variety of service models beyond linear and live content distribution, giving network operators and media content creators access to a new world of content and data delivery options. The technology can also reach large numbers of consumers without affecting existing cellular 5G mobile network. Venues and the automotive sector are particularly suitable for new consumer applications, while the high power, high tower free-to-air/no-SIM operation enables emergency services and national authorities to more securely deliver public messages during natural disasters or emergencies.

Join Rohde & Schwarz at Booth 7.B21 to experience this new era of live media delivery and discover more about the benefits of 5G Broadcast technology.

Rohde & Schwarz introduces all-new transmitter platform

Future-ready architecture prepares broadcast network operators for coming challenges and opportunities  Future-ready architecture prepares broadcast network operators for coming challenges and opportunities 

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast media technologies, has introduced the R&S®TH1, the first in a new generation of transmitters. The innovative design throughout the transmitter supports the broadcast network operator in delivering traditional and new services in the streaming era.

The R&S®TH1 is a liquid-cooled high power transmitter, with software-defined operation and the ability to work across all bands of UHF transmission. The design philosophy is to support the three critical challenges and opportunities for broadcast network operators: to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint; to increase operational efficiency and resilience; and to unlock new broadcast applications, thereby creating new revenue opportunities for the operator.

The improved power amplifier design delivers a dramatic increase in energy efficiency, representing a 15% reduction in power consumption over even the most efficient of current designs, with a consequent reduction in carbon emissions. The sophisticated liquid cooling concept, allowing more than 90% of all heat generated to be dispersed to the outside atmosphere, further reduces the energy requirements and total cost of ownership of an installation.

Internally, the design eliminates all single points of failure making the transmitter highly resilient, and enables self-repairing and remote monitoring, reducing the cost of routine maintenance, another significant saving in cost as well as boosting reliability.

The R&S®TH1 is ideally placed to deliver new services which are best handled by broadcast rather than mobile streaming. 5G Broadcast is a powerful solution for content to large numbers of concurrent users on mobile devices, either on a wide area basis or as a pop-up service, for example around sporting events or music festivals. 5G Broadcast is also the route to deliver timely data to IoT applications: for example, updated mapping and traffic information to autonomous cars.

“The R&S®TH1 delivers sustainable broadcasting in the connected world,” said Manfred Reitmeier, Manfred Reitmeier, VP broadcast and amplifier systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “Consumers still watch linear television – two or three hours a day on average – and broadcasting is the best way to deliver it. What we have done with our revolutionary R&S®TH1 transmitter is to enable broadcast network operators to continue serving that key market with much greater cost-efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and higher resilience, and a much lower environmental impact.

“At the same time, we have enabled broadcasters to seize the advantages of new services,” he added. “As well as taking the advantages of linear multicast to mobile devices, this opens up new and valuable opportunities in the Internet of Things and in booming markets like the automotive industry.”

The R&S®TH1 transmitter is launched at IBC2022 (9 – 12 September, RAI Amsterdam, booth 7.B21 at 2pm CEST). It will be available for demonstration and delivery immediately.

Mo-Sys and GMS International ink partnership deal

Mo-Sys Engineering (, a world leader in image robotics Virtual Production and Remote Production, today announces that it has signed a partnership with South Korean dealer GMS International to make its cutting-edge augmented reality and Virtual Production solutions available to cinematographers and broadcasters in the country. The agreement will help to meet growing demand for Virtual Production in Korea’s dynamic media market, one of the leading early adopters of Virtual Production.

GMS International has over 20 years’ experience of supporting broadcasters and media organisations in the South Korean market from its headquarters on the outskirts of Seoul. The GMS team has extensive knowledge of working with some of the major names in the Korean media world and delivers consultancy, installation, and system design services.

Mo-Sys has been a driving force in the use of realtime augmented reality and virtual studios in broadcast, and in the growing use of LED walls and LED volumes for movie production and for live events. Its unrivalled StarTracker system embodies Mo-Sys' expertise in camera robotics and the company delivers complete end-to-end systems through its VP Pro XR media server.

“South Korea is recognised as one of the markets driving forward Virtual Production adoption and as a pioneer in this area, Mo-Sys has the tools and technology to meet the rise in demand,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “The combination of GMS’ knowledge of the market and our own expertise of Virtual Production makes for a strong synergy and together we can match the needs of customers to the right tools that allow them to create amazing content in new and exciting ways.”

The agreement with GMS will see Mo-Sys StarTracker and the VP Pro XR system made available to customers in Korea. Mo-Sys technology integrates seamlessly with major LED volume providers, including ALFALITE and addresses some of the major challenges that arise with live Virtual Production and LED volume integration.

Hyungjun Kim, CEO of GMS International commented: “Mo-Sys' unique technology and solutions meet the Virtual Production needs of the high-end content producers here in South Korea better than any other provider, allowing customers to express their creativity with no constraints. We look forward to a successful and fruitful partnership with them”.

NOMOBO Relies on Hitomi’s MatchBox Latency for Precision Lip-Syncing and Complete Timing Control

Amsterdam-based content services provider NOMOBO has chosen Hitomi Broadcast’s MatchBox Latency to ensure complete timing quality control assurance during remote production of live events for its corporate and entertainment clients. NOMOBO relies on this latest feature of the MatchBox product range, the industry’s premier audio video alignment toolbox, to ensure a fast and precise measurement of latency and lip-sync timing alignment across live feeds coming in simultaneously from multiple locations to its master control room (MCR) in Amsterdam. The system was supplied by Hitomi’s Belgian distributor DigiNet.

“For us it is critical that we know that every signal is 100 percent accurate,” commented Marcus Hersbach, Technical Producer at NOMOBO. “We had already been using Glass and knew what it could achieve, now the latency feature gives us that extra level of assurance with pinpoint accuracy. It is a very easy way to make sure all the cameras – wherever they are in the world – are synced correctly. When working on large remote programmes there is not a lot of time for physical checks, plus we are trying to reduce the number of people on location. MatchBox takes the guesswork and human error out of the equation and does it in minutes. It is now an integral part of every project we work on.”

Typically, broadcast equipment adds delay that can vary each time it is used, particularly in the type of long-distance remote production that NOMOBO specialises in. Delays need to be synchronised between different paths for a seamless viewer experience. Determining those offsets theoretically can take up a lot of engineering time but MatchBox Latency handles the process in a matter of seconds.

A timed test pattern – generated with MatchBox Generator or an iOS device running the free-to-download MatchBox Glass app held in front of the camera – is launched as the source. This is then received and decoded by the MatchBox Analyser located in an OB truck or MCR to confirm the timing measurement. The method acts like a multi-meter for signal timing with a probe at each end of the section of interest. Fast, easy to use and accurate, Hitomi’s MatchBox solution simplifies the task of measuring latency and gives a lip-sync reading as well.

Hitomi’s Broadcast Director, Russell Johnson, said, “Much is talked about the need for “low latency,” but it is rarely quantified. When you watch someone being interviewed from a remote location there is often a pause in continuity with the handover from the studio and return. MatchBox Latency measures how long that pause needs to be for each link in order to achieve perfect timing. It can ascertain if the pause is comfortable for a two-way conversation or if it is too long to be able to interact in a live situation and all questions must be asked upfront. We are delighted that NOMOBO is enjoying the benefits.”

MatchBox is designed to help broadcasters prepare for live transmissions and other applications where the exact timing needs to be measured. Measurements not only provide data for corrections but also valuable peace of mind by delivering the certainty that everything is aligned perfectly.

Come and see Hitomi Broadcast on stand 10.A42 at IBC2022.

GB Labs certified for high-performance Ross Video integration

GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has demonstrated comprehensively its technical credentials, and is now recognised as a Ross Video technology partner. The recognition came as part of a project to build a studio for Canvass Credit Union in Denver, Colorado.

“The system architects of the new studio had specified a Ross Video Graphite all-in-one production system which includes switcher, audio, and XPression graphic , and were keen to use our storage platform,” said Dominic Harland, CEO and CTO of GB Labs. “We shipped a FastNAS to Ross Video in Canada where it was tested by writing and reading video streams to it 24/7 for a week, never dropping a single frame That proved to Canvass that the configuration was ideal for their needs, and the certification from Ross Video for our FastNAS and SPACE storage solutions means we can propose our products alongside Ross switchers and XPression with complete confidence.”

"Ross Video is excited to be able to integrate GB Labs storage solutions with XPression", says Garner Millward, Product Manager, Technical for Graphics at Ross Video. "GB Labs provides a powerful storage solution which integrated into XPression with virtually no trouble at all."

GB Labs will be at IBC2022 (RAI Amsterdam, 9 – 12 September) in a dedicated meeting room in the IABM lounge, hall 4, second floor.

Ross Video will be at IBC2022 at Stand 11.B10.

Glensound joins RAVENNA partner community and unveils the latest RAVENNA/AES67-enabled solutions at IBC 2022

UK broadcast specialists Glensound have announced a partnership with ALC NetworX, developer of the RAVENNA audio-over-IP technology, to deliver RAVENNA-enabled solutions to its customers. Visitors to IBC 2022 will see the first RAVENNA-enabled audio monitoring and networking products from Glensound in action.

The RAVENNA open-technology standard supports real-time transport of audio and other media data in IP-based network environments and is fully compatible with AES67 & SMPTE ST 2110. It will now be supported by Glensound’s Vittoria network bridge; Bella 32 audio monitor; Bella 22 confidence monitor, mixer and level control; and the Dark1616 and Dark88 breakout boxes.

Marc Wilson, managing director at Glensound commented, “With full AES67 & ST2110-30 compatibility, our new RAVENNA-enabled units offer our customers extended options as part of our existing network audio solutions. Adding support for RAVENNA to key products ensures our customers benefit from seamless operation in IP environments and we are proud to be part of the partner community.”

Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, is pleased to welcome Glensound on board: “I am delighted to see Glensound joining the RAVENNA partner community. Their introduction of RAVENNA-enabled versions of the Vitorria, Bella and Dark products, brings IP networking support to a range of high quality monitoring and control and breakout boxes. I am confident that visitors to IBC will see the benefits of our partnership to their operations.”

Visit hall 8, stand F72 during IBC 2022 to see Glensound’s latest line-up of RAVENNA-enabled solutions. More RAVENNA-enabled products can be seen live-in-action at the RAVENNA booth 8.F57 in front of the main entrance of hall 8.

Rohde & Schwarz shines the spotlight on its media solutions at IBC 2022

The flexible PRISMON multiviewing and monitoring encapsulates how the company helps customers futureproof and evolve from SDI to IP 

At IBC 2022, Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast transmitter and media technologies, will demonstrate how broadcasters can benefit from its software defined media solutions that are flexibly deployable, futureproof and support the evolution from SDI to IP.

Front and centre at the Rohde & Schwarz booth will be the R&S®PRISMON multiviewer and monitoring solution which will form part of a display that echoes a typical control room environment. The company’s playout solutions will also be highlighted as part of this multiviewing wall set-up.

PRISMON is a multihead, highly flexible, scalable, and multi-capable system designed to support multiviewing and monitoring for studio production and playout. The solution is fully software based, IP ST2110 ready and is gaining traction with customers looking for a futureproof investment that will see them through their evolution from SDI to IP. PRISMON is already deployed in both SDI and IP environments by several customers, such as SRF and Red Bee, across Europe.

The new Multiviewer Control Centre (MCC) is now available for PRISMON and will be demonstrated at IBC. MCC provides a single point of control for a network of multiviewers. This gives instant reconfiguration of multiple displays, either in response to the intuitive user interface or on command from a system-level automation system. It perfectly combines with the PRISMON Scalable Distributed Multiviewing (SDM) functionality. SDM enables any input on any output across system boundaries and allows PRISMON to share resources across a network, for instance to create a view with multiple Ultra HD signals, beyond the decoding capacity of a single system. Combining both MCC and SDM, customers can use PRISMON to build highly efficient and scalable large multiviewing systems based on COTS hardware.

James Gilbert, Director of Product and Solution Management, Media commented: “IP is the road our whole industry is travelling down, albeit at different speeds. Today, customers are seeking to futureproof any technology investment they make, so a proven multiviewer and monitoring solution that supports both SDI and IP makes enormous sense. We look forward to re-connecting with customers and industry colleagues at IBC and showing them how Rohde & Schwarz can help create flexible, agile workflows that are relevant now and in the future.”

Join Rohde & Schwarz at Booth 7.B21 to see its full range of media solutions from ingest and scheduling to playout, among them the latest CLIPSTER platform and SpycerNode SC storage solution. The booth will also feature a live 5G Broadcast streaming demonstration, with content delivered to smartphones, and highlight the new TH1 liquid-cooled high-power transmitter.

Mo-Sys to launch bMR at IBC

Mo-Sys Engineering a world leader in image robotics, virtual production, and remote production, will launch a new product called bMR (broadcast mixed reality) at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam in September.

Mo-Sys bMR is a new category of product that combines an LED content server with a MOS controlled on-air graphics system powered by Unreal graphics. The product has been designed for broadcasters who want to transition to an LED based virtual studio, with MOS controlled on-air graphics based on Unreal, and is targeted at sports, news, and current affairs programming.

In developing bMR, Mo-Sys has partnered with on-air graphics specialist Erizos Studios, and combined Erizos’ expertise in broadcast graphics and MOS based news/sports workflows, with Mo-Sys’ expertise in LED virtual studios and precision camera tracking.

Equipped with virtual studio software licenses for green screen, Mo-Sys bMR enables broadcasters to transition from their current green screen virtual studio and incumbent on-air graphics solution, to bMR, but in two stages where either the virtual studio or the on-air graphics are upgraded first.

Mo-Sys bMR’s on-air graphics system offers three ways of displaying templated data-fed graphics; standard 2D keyed graphics, keyed 3D graphics, or 3D ‘in-scene’ Unreal element graphics. The system conforms to MOS protocol and can be controlled by commonly available newsroom computer systems (NRCS) such as Octopus, ENPS, or other popular NRCS. It is based on web browser technology and uses a fully redundant server/client architecture. Importantly, it is an on-premise solution and is not cloud-based.

bMR’s LED content server can drive any size/shape/pixel pitch LED virtual studio (equipped with sufficient render nodes), with the base system able to drive an LED studio with up to 8million pixels. The system offers multi-camera switching capability up to UHD4K resolution, enabling multiple cameras to be used with an LED volume, where switching between cameras is orchestrated with the LED wall updating correctly. Set extensions with simultaneous augmented reality (AR) are also possible, with the delay between the Unreal graphics perspective displayed on the LED wall, and the camera’s actual position, the lowest on the market today.

Mo-Sys will offer bMR customers a service creating custom user interfaces for controlling their LED studio virtual scene, simplifying the operational load. In addition, bMR offers the ability to create custom interfaces for on-air graphics, simplifying connecting data sources to graphic templates, and driving multiple graphic elements in use simultaneously.

Visit Mo-Sys at stand 8.A49 and on the AOTO stand (7.C09) during IBC2022 to meet the team and see bMR in action.

Hitachi Kokusai delivers a large number of HD/Ultra HD cameras to leading Italian broadcasters

Hitachi Kokusai Electric GmbH has completed massive projects to provide cameras to the leading Italian broadcasters. The two long-term contracts provided cameras to upgrade all the principal production studios and outside broadcast units for HD/UHD capture.

The latest deliveries complete a program which began in 2018 and was completed with the delivery of over 550 HD /UHD cameras including SK-HD1300 series high-end HD cameras and the newly developed SK-UHD7000 UHD/HD camera.

The cameras were selected by the broadcasters after extensive testing and comparative trials with all the leading brands of studio cameras. Hitachi Kokusai’s cameras demonstrated excellent image quality as well as an attractive price point.

Throughout the contract Hitachi Kokusai and the broadcasters remained in close collaboration, and Hitachi Kokusai gained invaluable feedback and guidance on the continuing development of the technology.

“These have been tremendously exciting projects for us,” said Cemal Yilmaz, General Manager, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe GmbH. “Working with the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced broadcasters, we gained a huge amount of practical experience and understanding of the real implications of premium content production in Ultra HD/HD. That knowledge fed directly into our rolling development program, which means that the latest iteration of our Ultra HD/HD system camera meets the real, practical requirements of broadcasters, not just in Italy, but worldwide.”

The Hitachi SK-UHD7000E-S1 is a full 4k native, 2/3” global shutter CMOS three-chip camera with effective 3840x2160 pixels (total 24,882Mpixel), in a portable body with standard B4 lens mount. The imager offers greater than 2000 TV lines resolution in 4k Ultra HD and more than 1000 lines in HD and 60% modulation depth, with a low noise floor of –62dB and high sensitivity at F11.

The camera connects to the CCU over standard SMPTE fibre using 12Gbps transmission. It can also be equipped with COFDM HEVC wireless and 5G connectivity from Domo.

The camera has a newly designed prism ensuring full-range compliance with the BT.2020 wide colour gamut specification. The camera provides BT-709/BT-2020 and HDR/SDR on all outputs as standard.

The Italian broadcast contracts were negotiated in conjunction with Hitachi Kokusai’s local distribution partner CVE, who have offices in Milan and Rome to provide comprehensive support to the broadcasters.

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