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Emotion Systems, the provider of practical solutions to real-world professional audio problems, has formed a new partnership with CIS Group. With existing customers in Brazil and the United States, Emotion is excited to increase success with one of the most respected integrators in the region.

Emotion Systems is widely recognized as a leader in automated audio processing for broadcast and for immersive sound. Its products enable facilities to create consistent and high-quality audio which meets all appropriate standards in every format from mono to encoded surround sound, along with populating metadata where required.

CIS Group has 35 years’ experience as a solutions provider for the media industry at every stage of the content supply chain. Its solutions are focused on allowing clients to concentrate on creative and business value, ensuring the technical challenges are managed seamlessly. As such, the company is constantly seeking the best technologies to enhance its portfolio.

“This new partnership with Emotion Systems brings together two organizations that are committed to solving challenges faced by the media industry,” said Matt Silva, CEO of CIS Group. “The breadth of use cases that can be addressed by Emotion is truly impressive, and we at CIS are very excited to bring cutting-edge audio automation to our customers, making their day-to-day work more efficient and enjoyable.”

MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems, added “As a technology and solution provider, CIS is very close to the market in the Americas. Working with them ensures we can deliver the right solutions to the largest number of end users, giving us strong feedback on market needs and allowing us to focus our energies on developing the best solutions."

For more information on solutions and services from Emotion Systems, please see

Revolutionary Micro LED panels along with a new line of turnkey LED displays and media processor and players from Alfalite will be an integral part of the FOR-A booth at the 2024 NAB Show. FOR-A is the exclusive U.S. partner of the Spanish LED display manufacturer, known for its unparalleled brightness and color fidelity. FOR-A represents Alfalite in in Latin America, Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, and Asia.

Alfalite's new UHD Finepix panels are designed for mission critical environments such as government and corporate control rooms, cabinet office briefing rooms, as well as broadcast TV and virtual set applications. UHD Finepix panels are now available with either MIP (Micro LED in Package) or COB (Chip on Board) construction. Both types come standard with Alfalite's ORIM (Optical Injection Resin Module) technology. All options improve the level of protection and contribute to the panel's unparalleled viewing angle.

The UHD Finepix panel has a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, making it easy to replace a display monitor wall; as well as low power consumption and durability of over 100,000 hours. Front and rear access for modular and power supply replacement simplify installation and maintenance. UHD Finepix MIP is available with 0.6 and 0.9 and COB are available with 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5-pixel pitch. Both provide a 175-degree viewing angle with perfect precision, dissipation and antistatic properties, no color degradation, along with the durability protection provided by ORIM."

"Micro LED is truly next-generation technology,” said Satoshi Kanemura, President, FOR-A Americas. "The ability to choose from Alfalite's MIP, COB and ORIM technologies gives customers added flexibility and the ability create dynamic displays at any size with ultra-high resolution. The 175-degree viewing angle and precise nature of Micro LED design with 16:9 aspect ratio panel design produces video walls that achieve the highest levels of performance for applications such as government control rooms, large corporate facilities, shopping centers, and more.”

Another highlight of the FOR-A NAB booth will be AlfaArt. Alfalite teamed up with digital artist César Yagüe to create AlfaArt - an all-in-one solution consisting of a UHD Finepix LED wall with state-of-the-art media players and moving ambient artwork that transform entire walls into living canvases. Introduced at ISE 2024 earlier this month, the product family is designed for large-format art display environments, such as hotel and hospitality, corporate offices, and entertainment venues.

"At Alfalite we are dedicated to constant innovation, so we are delighted to offer alongside César Yagüe an unprecedented artistic experience integrating the best digital art and the latest LED display technology," said Luis Garrido, executive director at Alfalite. "We fill an unmet need in the marketplace, providing simplicity and perfection beyond what any traditional art gallery or platform can provide. The opportunity lies in capturing the imagination of those looking to redesign their space with an avant-garde spirit and exquisite aesthetic, making it possible with a simple and complete solution."

FOR-A has been a strategic partner of Alfalite since April of last year, integrating Alfalite panels with FOR-A video switchers, signal processors, camera tracking, routers, and XR systems as part of a live video production ecosystem. Alfalite customers in the U.S. include live event specialist White Tie Productions, with offices in Phoenix and Orlando, and The Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock, AK.

FOR-A's live video production workflow includes the HVS-190 NDI®-compatible video switcher, FA-9600 and FA-1616 multi-purpose signal processors, ClassX XR technology, EZTrack® camera tracking, and Alfalite Litepix LED wall. The FOR-A workflow provides an intuitive system for live video production that easily scales with the customer from 3G-SDI and HD signals up to single-cable 12G-SDI.

FOR-A will exhibit in booth #C4507 during the 2024 NAB Show, running from April 14-17 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

FOR-A will unveil a series of innovations during the upcoming 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas that advance the company’s “Software-Defined IP Solution” theme, first announced in 2022. Among the significant innovations on the FOR-A stand will be the introduction of a SMPTE ST 2110 broadcast suite that enables flexible IP resource sharing and a 3G-based production automation solution. FOR-A’s live production ecosystem works with all flavors of IP, featuring full support for ST 2110 standards.

In addition to its groundbreaking ST 2110 resource sharing software, FOR-A will demonstrate the SOAR-A platform for remote production; an IP-based custom server; software-based switching; an all-in-one audio and video multiview/routing solution; cost-effective XR software; an end-to-end station automation production system with gateway-free streaming; and new Micro LED displays together with a graphic art library.

Visitors to the FOR-A booth will see integrated solutions divided into the following pods:

  • Broadcast production automation
  • ST 2110 workflow
  • Software-based production
  • Cost-effective AR/XR
  • LED displays with digital art
  • IP technology in development will be shown in a private suite.

“FOR-A is at the forefront of IP technology innovation,” said Satoshi Kanemura, President of FOR-A Corporation of America. “There are a range of developments on display NAB attendees may not expect from FOR-A. We’ve been in communication with our customers and become deeply aware of our broadcast customers’ pain points. Our new technology will knock their socks off. Among them will be resource sharing software that simplifies integration at ST 2110 facilities and a flexible media-over-IP server that can be used in a wide range of applications. We’re offering an extensive range of IP-based solutions. We can’t wait until April 14th!”

FOR-A will exhibit in booth #C4507 during the 2024 NAB Show, running from April 14-17 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Save the Date: FOR-A will also hold an NAB welcome reception, “FOR-A Connect,” on Saturday, April 13th at 4pm in Room N240/242.

Innovators in microservices-based production environments nxtedition has received continuing endorsement for its news and live platform from Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (KNR), the state-owned national broadcaster in Greenland. A new strategic agreement provides for continuing cooperation between nxtedition and KNR for the next five years.

Despite serving an audience of little more than 56,000, KNR creates 800 hours of television and 6000 hours of radio each year. Needing to create a lot of high-quality content with a limited budget and staff, the broadcaster needed to identify a powerful, professional, flexible and easy-to-use workflow platform.

The nxtedition approach fully met these requirements. It brought together pre-production, ingest, media management, scriptwriting and editing, graphics, prompting and live studio automation, delivering the final output for broadcast to radio, online and social media platforms.

“Before moving to nxtedition, KNR had been working with outdated technical equipment which limited what we could achieve,” said Annga Lynge, CEO of KNR. “nxtedition transformed our operations, allowing the team to put their focus on the content and productivity. It also enabled collaboration across the organisation and our platforms. We are keen to continue this success, and we are pleased to confirm the support of nxtedition until 2029 at least.”

Roger Persson, the Sales & Marketing Director at nxtedition, emphasised, "Our approach has been distinct from the outset. We collaborated with seasoned broadcasters and innovative minds in software and IT to create a platform tailored to the actual requirements of producers working under tight schedules, producing more with less. The goal is to make technology seamless, allowing storytelling to take center stage. It's gratifying to see KNR, the world's sole Kalaallisut broadcaster, experiencing the positive outcomes of this approach, becoming more creative and efficient".

Find out more at

Emotion Systems, the provider of practical solutions to real-world professional audio problems, has signed an agreement with CTM Solutions, based in Paris, France. This is part of CTM’s plans to develop its audio offering still further.

CTM Solutions has been a leading systems integrator in the French territories for three decades, fulfilling projects from media creation to archiving and preservation. In 2023 it acquired audio specialist company 44.1, to consolidate its leadership in professional audio in France. As part of the acquisition, the very well-known leader of 44.1, Jean-Luc Ohl, joined CTM to head its specialist audio division.

“I have worked closely with Emotion Systems for ten years,” Ohl, Audio Workflow Specialist, CTM said. “I continue to be impressed with the company’s innovations and ingenuity, and its willingness to understand the real issues facing audio professionals today.

“I am very happy to start a new era, integrating the advanced solutions from Emotion into the broader CTM portfolio,” Ohl continued. “For the many media industry professionals with whom I have worked on Emotion solutions over the last 10 years, be assured that I am still here and will continue to work to achieve your goals, while expanding Emotion’s success in our market ever further.”

Vincent Tessier, Managing Director of CTM, added, "We are so pleased to partner with Emotion Systems to complete our offering to audio professionals and innovate together to deliver value to our customers.”

MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems, added “CTM has been integrating audio solutions, workflow and orchestration engines into its wider systems for many years, so our products are a natural fit into the business. We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with Jean-Luc Ohl, and look forward to continuing discussions around the challenges in providing seamless, streamlined audio automation in today’s world of immersive sound.”

For more information on Emotion Systems’ technology, please visit the website at

Florida Panthers, the NHL ice hockey team based in the Greater Miami area, has transformed its production workflows with the adoption of storage systems and management tools from EditShare. The new system provides support for a rapidly growing video department, which creates and delivers sophisticated content for in-house screens and scoreboards, and for extensive fan engagement online and through the team’s custom app.

Previously, the Panthers had been using ad hoc storage for video content, together with consumer tools for file transfers. Recent successes for the Panthers – including a Stanley Cup final place in 2023 – meant demand for content ramped up dramatically, and a more fluid, more secure workflow was required. It needed to support four producers/editors creating content at home and on the road, a motion graphics workshop charged with making engaging content for the scoreboard, and the team’s close relationship with the Bally Sports Network, its broadcast partner.

With consultation from sales engineers at 76 Media Systems (now part of Starin Marketing) the Panthers developed a solution around a 256TB EFS300 storage appliance. This is installed at the team’s home, the Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida, just west of Fort Lauderdale.

The ground storage network is linked and synchronized to an EditShare cloud implementation. As well as adding content redundancy, the hybrid on premise/cloud architecture allows shooting teams on the road with the Panthers to upload content via VPN, making it immediately available for post and delivery, as well as securing it. The ability to edit on the road is a real boost.

Dennis Docil, Senior Director of Content Services for the Florida Panthers, made the point that key tools like FLOW workflow and asset management and FLEX cloud synchronization are core parts of the technology, making the system easy to implement as well as intuitive to use.

“Before coming back to the Panthers I worked for Ion Media Networks, and they were one of the first users of EditShare,” Docil said. “When we were looking for a solution we looked at the market, EditShare seemed to be the most user friendly for what we needed it to do. It gave us the slick workflows we need to keep on top of our exponentially increasing workloads.

“On top of that, the EditShare price was more attractive than the competition, and that included all the extra software components we needed to manage content and synchronize through the cloud.”

The ability to support large numbers of streams is vital for this sports application. At game time, as well as feeding the scoreboard and all the video screens around the arena the EditShare EFS300 is also ingesting live content from eight cameras, plus live coverage and additional shots from Bally Sports Network.

A lot of material is generated for fan engagement and distributed via the website and app. The Panthers also have a large retail shop alongside the new practice facility in Fort Lauderdale, and multiple screens there create interest and excitement around the team and players, as well as driving sales of merchandise.

For more information on the EFS300 and all EditShare solutions, please visit the website at

Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software defined television technology for digital video capture, processing, asset management, and playout, has provided a Cinegy Capture system to Notre Dame Studios, the multimedia technology and production resource for the University of Notre Dame campus community. This deployment provides a powerful, cost-effective platform to capture studio and sports content, ingesting multiple channels of video.

Notre Dame Studios required a software content recording application, capable of meeting a variety of studio production workflows. Having browser-based GUIs securely controlling the ingest of multiple record channels while enabling the editing of content by users for live sports and studio production, was mandatory. Fast turnaround of sports highlights and studio production recording was critical for Notre Dame Studios.

Cinegy Capture PRO was designed for exactly this requirement, supporting up to 8K content, and including additional features and functionality for transcoding while simultaneously writing multiple formats to multiple storage locations. Each Capture PRO server scales to support multiple channels, meeting the production recording needs, providing multiple high quality and proxy records, monitoring feeds, and live transport streams, empowering the production environment.

As with all Cinegy’s powerful software tools, Capture PRO is entirely implemented in software, runs on COTS hardware and can be accessed from any location, to view, edit and deliver the media. At Notre Dame Studios, Cinegy Capture PRO was installed on two servers, tested, and placed into the production environment in less than four hours.

“Reliably capturing all content feeds is vital,” said Scott Rinehart, Sr. Director Broadcast and Streaming Technology, University of Notre Dame. "Cinegy showed us that Capture PRO solution is the software tool we needed to integrate into our workflows.”

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy, said “Capture PRO has a great fit in college sports broadcast workflows. We are honoured to have the University of Notre Dame using Capture PRO and are very proud of this deployment.”

Comprehensive information on Cinegy’s Software Defined Television applications can be found at and

Rohde & Schwarz will show visitors at Mobile World Congress 2024 (26 – 29 February, stand 5A80, Fira Gran Via Barcelona) a complete ecosystem for the revolutionary 5G Broadcast standard, delivering valuable new revenue streams for broadcasters and network operators. The presentation will emphasize that the system is ready for rollout and will show the pathways to additional revenues.

5G Broadcast is a one-to-many transmission standard, part of the 3GPP specifications. It creates opportunities for both media and data transmission. It is an ideal way to broadcast live content to large numbers of mobile devices simultaneously, such as pop-up channels for sports and music events. Media broadcasts can be received on suitable mobile devices without a SIM card. The format also provides data broadcast, making it ideal for updating IoT devices or automotive applications.

Rohde & Schwarz has taken a significant role in its standardization, including working with ETSI JTC Broadcast and 5G-MAG, to ensure widespread acceptance of the technology. Thanks to this work, ITU has now endorsed 5G Broadcast as a next-generation DTT standard worldwide. The result is more agile use of the full UHF band, and a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the industry.

Following extensive real-world demonstrations and proofs of concept, the complete end-to-end solution is now in place and is rapidly attracting interest worldwide from network operators and content providers who see it as a route to new business opportunities and revenue streams.

For operators of networks, adding 5G Broadcast is a simple upgrade to Rohde & Schwarz transmitters,” said Thomas Janner, Director of R&D Broadcast Applications of Rohde & Schwarz. “For the first time there is a practical, economical route to achieve true mobile television, further enhancing the cellular proposition without adding to network congestion. Additionally, there are huge opportunities for data delivery services, even in parallel to television broadcasting,” he continued. “These data services come at a time when delivery to automotive and IoT is desperately needed, and 5G Broadcast is ready to capture these new revenue streams, making it a win-win across the board.”

Visitors to MWC will see presentations at the Rohde & Schwarz booth, and links to a live demonstration at the company’s headquarters in Munich. These will show how every element is in place, thanks to collaborations with other key players and the standardization bodies, and how the entire ecosystem is ready for immediate commercialization.

Visit stand 5A80 at Mobile World Congress, and for more information on 5G Broadcast and all Rohde & Schwarz products, see

Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of broadcast software technology, has released the latest version of its powerful and popular Cinegy Air playout platform. The new release – version 24.1 – goes live alongside updates to Cinegy Title for captions and branding, and Cinegy Desktop, the workgroup production suite.

The new version of Cinegy Air is largely driven by user requests, to make the user interface more intuitive and secure in operation. A good example is the extended ability to use colour stripes to identify different categories of content in the playout timeline. This is particularly useful with short duration items like idents, allowing supervisors to see at a glance the full contents of a programme junction without the need to zoom in.

Also focusing on simplicity and security in operation, it is now possible to disable the direct controls in the Air GUI, so operators cannot accidentally take an event early or jump to a later item. The enable/disable setting is in a top-level menu so is readily accessed, but it ensures that workstations which are primarily for monitoring cannot inadvertently affect the live output.

The third major productivity addition is the incorporation of the Rosstalk protocol in the secondary event menu. This makes it simple to programme switchers and routers from Ross Video, to perform simple or sophisticated switches and transitions as part of an automated event, delivering a smoother and more engaging output.

Under the hood there are numerous technical improvements for engineers, including the ability to select from up to 99 Cinegy Capture engines for live incoming content, and to select available engines within the Air Control GUI directly.

“For Cinegy, major software releases are about much more than improvements driven by changes in technology,” said Simon Pilbeam, Product Manager at Cinegy. “Our focus is always on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our users, so this release of Cinegy Air brings changes that broadcasters have asked for because they will make their day-to-day operations better. Our users talk to us because they are comfortable and confident with our software solutions, and if they talk to us about additions and enhancements, we know it is something they really need.”

Comprehensive information on all of Cinegy’s software systems can be found at

MTV Oy, the leading commercial television company and production house in Finland, recently relocated to a new center in the suburbs of Helsinki, seizing the opportunity for a major technical refresh. The facility serves multiple channels and streaming services, and a key part of the project was to migrate its extensive news and sport archive from tape, a task accomplished with EditShare providing the latest storage technology.

Central storage for all live production is provided by four nodes of EditShare EFS 60NL nearline storage, with a total capacity at present of six petabytes. The EditShare storage is directly accessed by journalists and producers via their workstations, which are connected to production servers and asset management provided by EVS. The open architecture of EditShare EFS storage makes the integration seamless and transparent.

“It was important that journalists don’t have to care where the material is,” said Tommi Tynys, Head of Broadcasting Technology at MTV Oy. “Whereas getting content from the tape archive could take 30 minutes or more, now users search directly for what they need and it is instantly available to them. We need to take the fight to our competitors, to be first with the news, so performance is vital to us.”

The facilities at the new center are managed for MTV by NEP Finland, and the companies collaborated on designing the new architecture. The complete center was built by Broadcast Solutions Nordic, with Pipeline Media providing continuing support for the systems.

“One of the great things about EditShare is that the storage network is completely scalable,” said Jukka Keski-Loppi of Pipeline Media. “Our estimate is that the MTV archive will grow by 350 TB a year, and we can add storage as we need it without taking the system offline.”

MTV’s Tynys added that the system was also extremely reliable and resilient. “It took a while to transfer all our archive into EditShare,” he said. “But now it is running we have had zero downtime, even with a lot of users demanding simultaneous access.”

Stephen Tallamy, CTO at EditShare added “In demanding environments like MTV, nearline means virtually instant. We designed the EFS 60NL as an ultra-high density storage node for media that needs to be accessible, but does not need the performance of an online production workflow.

“That transforms the architecture of the news and sport facility: the complete archive can be online thanks to the very high storage density of our solution, and at the same time it’s available to all users, when they need it.”

The EditShare EFS 60NL is built for high performance media applications. It uses native erasure coding, eliminating the need for hardware-based RAID while providing complete resilience. The standard chassis holds 60 enterprise-grade disk drives, all hot swappable from the front of the rack.

For more information on the EFS 60NL all EditShare solutions, please visit the website at

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