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Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over the internet, has announced that the company’s co-founder and co-owner, Roland Axelsson, is to step down from the board. Axelsson remains as the company’s Product Manager, and will devote his time to Intinor’s product strategy and market growth.

Seeing the huge potential for transporting professional video over the internet, Axelsson founded the company 20 years ago, and has taken the responsibility of leadership from the beginning. His achievement is a company that is seen as a strong leader in the market, based on its unique platform Direkt.

His decision to step down from the board was agreed at this year’s general meeting. At the same time, Peter Renkel was appointed to the board, bringing a broad range of experience in operational management from companies with global sales, like Intinor. The board now comprises Fredrik Jonsson as chair, Annica Wållberg, Björn Weinehall and Peter Renkel as members, with Gustav Karlsson as deputy.

“We want to thank Roland for all he has done in building this remarkable business,” said chairman Fredrik Jonsson. “It is great news that he will still take a leading role within the company and continue to bring his experience, his technological understanding and his market presence to bear.

“We are also happy to welcome Peter Renkel to the board, who brings a fresh perspective as well as deep experience,” Jonsson added.

Roland Axelsson said “For me, it has always been important to find the best solutions, and present them to our customers. That is my passion, and I look forward to being able to concentrate on that even more in the future.”


InSync Technology, world-leading developer of high-quality video conversion, is celebrating its 20th birthday at NAB 2023 (booth C2013, Las Vegas Convention Center, 16 – 19 April). Demonstrations on the booth will focus on the remarkable advances in quality in its algorithms, ensuring that fine detail is preserved in even the most challenging content, such as fast-moving sports.

FrameFormer, InSync’s flagship solution, delivers industry-leading motion compensated frame rate and format conversion. This is available as a standalone solution or embedded in products from other leading vendors including AWS Elemental, Comprimato, Dalet, Hiscale, M2A and Telestream.

Continuing development of the algorithms in FrameFormer, driven by real-world user experiences, has led to ever-more faithful retention of fine detail; for example, small balls travelling at speed across the frame, as you would find in challenging sports coverage. At the same time, engineers continue to advance the CPU-only application delivering direct cost benefits to the user by reducing the compute processing power required by as much as 20%.

Designed from the ground up to be vendor and architecture agnostic, FrameFormer is now available for deployment on ARM based platforms. This reduces the processor demand still further, reducing cost, power consumption and environmental impact.

“Our users include the world’s leading sports federations and broadcasters,” said James Taylor, CEO of InSync Technology. “We deeply engage to understand what really matters to them, and the thoughts of their ‘golden eyes’ engineers give us real insight into how our solution preserves the critical detail they need. I am extremely proud that the InSync team continuously adapts and improves to meet these heavily demanding applications that deliver the best viewer experience, while at the same time reducing our impact on processing and the environment.”

InSync was founded in 2003 by world leading broadcast engineers specialising in video standards conversion. Initially providing modular video processing systems for some of broadcast’s biggest vendors, InSync continues to invest in and advance its knowledge and experience to create the next generation of signal processing technology. Since 2013 it has been an employee-owned business.

You can find InSync in a prominent position in the Central Hall at NAB2023, booth C2013. More information on its products and services can be found at


Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, now partners with Pulzar Media, based in Maribor, Slovenia. Together they supply cost-effective but highly functional content management and delivery systems for the local market.

The geography of Slovenia means that cable television is often the best way to reach consumers, and the country has a large number of relatively small operators. Each needs local playout and asset management servers, and Cinegy is a popular choice because of its rich feature set and its very high reliability. The Cinegy Air Pro platform also allows live interventions in playlists, adding to the perceived quality of the output.

“Our market is challenging,” said Albert Gyurica of Pulzar Media. “Budgets are tight, and potential purchasers have to be convinced we have the right solution for their operation before they invest. Cinegy is very supportive of us, helping us with demonstrations and presentations, and ensuring we win the sale. We look forward to continuing the strong relationship.”

Daniella Weigner, CEO of Cinegy, said “We chose to design our platforms such that we can tailor systems to meet a broad range of operational requirements, scopes and budgets. A vibrant, busy local agent who is well connected to the market is essential for a company like ours, so we know right away who is looking to modernise and move to file-based workflows, and what they need from us to ensure we win the business. Pulzar Media is already proving to be the perfect partner in this regard.”


CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, systems integration, production and content digitisation specialist, has formed a partnership agreement with AOTO Electronics, leading supplier of LED screens and volumes. The agreement sees CJP providing installation, service and support for AOTO screens, as part of a complete turnkey service for virtual production systems.

AOTO has 30 years’ experience in developing high resolution LED displays, with products today noted for robust construction as well as being cost-effective. It offers a range of panels, suitable for applications from live events to 1.5mm, 1.9mm, 2.3mm and 2.6mm LEDs for final pixel volumes ideal for movie production. Recent major movies have used AOTO screens of up to 400 square metres for extended sequences, shot in real time with the actors able to react to the virtual scenery.

CJP has already installed a number of virtual production studios and brings extensive experience to the market. As a completely independent systems integrator, it develops the best solutions for each individual client, bringing together the most appropriate cameras and camera tracking and graphics engines to achieve the client’s creative, operational and commercial goals.

“CJP impressed us with their technical depth of understanding,” said Adam Suter, operations manager at AOTO Electronics in the UK. “We are confident that we can work closely together in a two-way partnership which makes the most innovative and effective use of our LED technology in fully integrated and supported solutions.”

Christopher Phillips, managing director of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, added “Virtual studios are transforming creative production, and we are already bringing it to a broad range of markets, such as education where it is unleashing remarkable potential. This close working agreement with AOTO enables us to drive forward powerful yet cost-effective solutions to potential applications across the UK and beyond, further extending our experience and expertise and helping our clients achieve great things.”


iSIZE, a specialist in deep learning for video delivery, has released first performance results taking full advantage of the special instructions enabled by Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX), available on the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor. The new Intel architecture means that AI-based video processing like iSIZE BitClear can be performed entirely within the CPU, eliminating the latency, energy and cost overheads of linking to a GPU or other external accelerator.

The volume of video to be processed, delivered and stored continues to grow exponentially. From archive footage and consumer-generated content to surveillance and drone images, much of this material is of limited resolution and marred by noise and distortion. Emergen Research predicts the market for security and surveillance video to grow by 18.7% by 2030, and drone cameras to grow at 26% over the same period. It has been reported that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The quality of video from such contexts is often hampered by dirt or rain on external lenses, drone vibration, storage and upload limits and degradation in archive footage. Therefore, to get the best results requires very sophisticated processing. iSIZE BitClear uses unique deep learning techniques to dynamically restore the video to the best possible quality, without affecting the perceptual intent of the content creator. It also permits AI-based video upscaling, allowing devices of limited native resolution to contribute high-resolution streams.

Intel AMX allows the advanced BitClear processing to be handled entirely within 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Measurements with BitClear have shown that 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel AMX deliver up to twice the performance of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This allows for BitClear to achieve real-time performance for denoising up to 1080p and denoising with upscaling for up to 2160p resolution, respectively. This was previously impossible without a specialized GPU or other accelerator hardware.

Sergio Grce, CEO and founder of iSIZE added “AI-based denoising and upscaling of video is well-known to require heavy use of GPU hardware. This tends to incur additional TCO in comparison to CPU-only execution. We have demonstrated our BitClear solution for AI-based video denoising running in real time on the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which provides an excellent combination of performance and practicality.”

Read the iSIZE / Intel whitepaper in full HERE.


EditShare®, the technology leader that enables storytellers to create and manage collaborative media workflows, has delivered two large-scale EFS storage network systems, alongside FLOW workflow tools, to clients in the UAE. The solutions were designed and implemented by EditShare’s systems integration partner in the region, UBMS (United Broadcast & Media Solutions).

This division of the Dubai Government has been a user of EditShare storage for over five years. To provide access to all users from a common location it has now returned to EditShare for an extended storage node, a fully redundant backup site in an alternative location, and an LTO tape-based ARK archive sub-system.

Leading regional broadcaster MBC Group, based in Abu Dhabi, needed to boost production workflows at its facilities, and has now implemented its first EditShare EFS storage network. Again, redundancy was important with two alternative locations and an ARK tape archive maintained in synchronization by the FLOW asset management software that resides on the EditShare storage network. The result is that content can be ingested as soon as it is shot, and it is immediately available to all the editors, whatever editing software they choose.

“The EditShare platform provides all the functionality that these two very different customers needed,” said Rayan Nasser, Head of Projects at UBMS. “We were able to configure the systems as each user required, setting up business rules for synchronization and archiving to provide the highly resilient, highly productive solutions they sought.

“We have been working with this division of the Dubai Government for a long time, so we understand their requirements and workflows well,” Nasser added. “This was our first project with MBC, and we supplied them with the complete production system, including cameras from Sony and ARRI. EditShare sits well in such a high-profile production workflow.”

Said Bacho, Chief Revenue Officer at EditShare, added “We are delighted to be involved with two important high-profile storage implementations in the Middle East region. We understand the significance of protecting valuable assets and this fully fledged EditShare solution, with complete redundancy, ensures that robust, secure and cost-efficient workflows are maintained across these mission critical environments.”

The production platform for MBC is now online. The new storage network for this division of the Dubai Government is being implemented as part of a rolling program of enhancements.

For further information on all EditShare solutions, please visit the website at

Spicy Mango, a leading technology services and solutions provider, is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Dyn who have selected Gameday as the solution to manage their live sports data as part of their new sports OTT platform that will launch in summer 2023.

Gameday will play a key role in Dyn Media’s mission in creating a new home for sports fans in Germany, with handball, table tennis, basketball and volleyball content all included as part of the new streaming service.

Dyn Media focuses on sports beyond soccer and has recently acquired exclusive media rights for LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga, easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga, Table Tennis Bundesliga and, from the start of the 2023/24 season, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Bundesliga. Fans will be able to enjoy live games as well as highlights and other on-demand content via the streaming service.

Gameday is a fully managed service from ingest to delivery of sports data and will allow Dyn to offload the complexity and effort of sports data management to Spicy Mango and introduce support for a wide range of capabilities such as analytics, search, recommendations as well as managing and delivering high resolution images and artwork for leagues, squads, players, headshots, venues and more.

Andreas Heyden, CEO of Dyn, said: “Dyn is building an innovative OTT proposition that will offer subscribers a new more data rich user experience. To achieve that we needed a partner who understood our aims and had a solution that could grow with us. Gameday from Spicy Mango offers us the services we need to do what we want with our sports data and we are excited to be partnering with them.”

Chris Wood, CTO of Spicy Mango, said: “We are thrilled to be supporting Dyn Media with Gameday. We really believe the vision is somewhat unique and will set the bar for a set of rich user experiences that keep audiences engaged. We are all very excited for this partnership and bringing this vision to life.”

To find out more about how Gameday™ can help you with your live sports data management and how it can help unleash powerful new opportunities for your service, read more and book a demo here:

Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has introduced software version 22.10 for Cinegy Route, the simple tool to manage media networks. Cinegy Route is the essential building block for IP-based infrastructures, providing a centralized directory for high volumes of content streams.

The new release brings dramatic advances, both in functionality and user experience. The code base has moved to a 64-bit architecture and makes much use of GPUs in the client workstations to boost power. The result is a completely revamped version of the popular utility, developed in response to user feedback.

Stream improvements include support for encrypted SRT sources, and the ability to play back live HEVC streams in the Cinegy Route preview player, giving any workstation confidence monitoring of any of the streams under its control. The release offers comprehensive support for secondary events, allowing them to be clean switched within the Cinegy Event Manager, under the control of Cinegy Route.

The user interface sees a complete transformation. It now has a high DPI mode for Ultra HD screens, making fine detail comfortable to view. UX improvements include more logical menu structures, “always on top” mode for Cinegy Route Browser, and useful functionality like a mute button in the player view and a double click to open or collapse player windows.

Daniella Weigner, CEO of Cinegy, said “Our users are building ever more extensive workflows in their IP networks, with large numbers of sources and destinations, transcoding and processing, audio shuffling and mixing and much more. They need a simple, intuitive way to keep track of everything and, with this new version of Cinegy Route, they have all the functionality they need on their workstations, in a form which is completely intuitive to use.

“We freely admit that Cinegy Route is regarded as a utility, a way to gain access to the functionality in our more glamorous products,” she continued. “But it is still important that we make it operate the best way we can, so that our users can get on with the business of running their content workflows quickly, efficiently and securely.”

Cinegy Route version 22.10 has been available for download since 1 December. It is available to all users under their existing licences.

While the match content is provided by the host broadcast organisation, at major international sporting events like the football competition in Qatar, many major broadcasters need on-location production facilities to compile their own coverage. For broadcasters in Europe, Latin America and Asia, these facilities rely on production technology from FOR-A.

Some of these temporary studios are built on flyaway kits; others are using outside broadcast trucks from Gulf providers. Media Mania is providing a truck built around the FOR-A HVSー2000 3 M/E and 2 M/E production switchers, together with FOR-A routing and multiviewers. The Cubic Media compact outside broadcast units are equipped with the FOR-A HVS-490 switcher which provides powerful functionality in a very compact form factor. All are capable of providing a complete 4K Ultra HD workflow.

Other providers active in Qatar include Pro TV, which is providing studio facilities for Argentina, and Wise Concepts, which has both flyaway kits and an outside broadcast truck on site. Both have architectures including the HVS-2000 production switcher, along with multiviewers, routers and signal processing from FOR-A. As well as covering the studio facilities for a broadcaster from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Cubic Media is also providing all the video facilities for the Saudi fan zone. Major Gulf broadcasters have invested in new FOR-A switchers, including the HVS-6000 native 4K production switcher designed for major Ultra HD events.

Mohammed Abu Ziyadeh, FOR-A, regional manager for the Middle East and Africa and based in Dubai, said “Everyone around the world shares the host broadcast feed of the matches, but they all want to add their own style and flavour, with the presenters and experts familiar in their home markets adding news and analysis of the action.

“To do that, many are building temporary studios around Qatar to house their local productions,” he explained. “FOR-A production switchers, routers and video infrastructure products are ideal for this sort of application, because they pack all the facilities you need into an intuitive and compact design. We are excited that football fans from Argentina to China are enjoying the spectacle via FOR-A technology.”

Hitomi Broadcast, market leader in audio/video alignment and latency tools, is further strengthening its development capability with two new recruits in software design and implementation. Thanuja Mallikarachchi has joined as a software design engineer, and Dylan Griffiths is now supporting the team as an engineering technician.

Mallikarachchi, who holds a doctorate in electronic engineering from the University of Surrey, joined Hitomi from Cardiff Metropolitan University, where he was a lecturer and researcher in data science and informatics. He is now bringing his skills to bear on new extensions to Hitomi’s MatchBox functionality.

“Anyone who runs a high-tech business today knows how hard it is to attract the best development talent,” said Russell Johnson, broadcast director at Hitomi. “Recruiting Thanuja is a great coup for Hitomi, and we are already benefiting from his specialist knowledge and background.”

Griffiths is studying Business and ICT part-time at college and has a lively interest in design. He is playing a major role in the continued development of iOS user interfaces for Hitomi, helping to develop an automated test rig to characterise the audio-video behaviour of every variant of iPhone and iPad.

“The skills shortage in our industry is a real concern for everyone, and the only responsible course of action is to identify likely talents, wherever they are, and to work with them to start and develop their careers,” Johnson added. “Dylan is a very capable young man, and for Hitomi it is a win-win: we get creative and innovative design, and at the same time we can help develop the next generation of engineers for the good of the whole industry.”

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