Hitomi: KitPlus Daily Show

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20 Aug

Hitomi: KitPlus Daily Show

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By Kitplus Staff | Kitplus Daily | Published 8th May 2020

Special guest on KitPlus Daily 8th May was Anna Hurd from Hitomi: chatting about life in lockdown, lip-sync and Hitomi's solutions, focusing on our latest product, MatchBox Glass. There's also a great cut-away video demonstrating how Timeline TV are using Glass.

Life in lockdown was the first topic of conversation. Anna explained how Hitomi's team are used to working remotely, with team members spread throughout the country whilst the base of operations is in Slough and Anna herself being based in Scotland. She did say, though, that it was strange getting dressed up for work and then just walking into her garden office!

Matt of KitPlus then asked about the recent launch of the iOS app, MatchBox Glass. Anna spoke about how the date of the launch happened to be the same day as the start of lockdown in the UK and how it's been well received, especially with the option to request a free trial licence for existing MatchBox Analyser users.

KitPlus showed a video of Glass in action at Timeline TV. 



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