Intinor: Kitplus – Live Streaming Experts Discuss eSports

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09 Apr

Intinor: Kitplus – Live Streaming Experts Discuss eSports

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By Kitplus Staff | Kitplus Daily | Published 9th April 2020

Earlier this year at the KitPlus Show, Richard Payne hosted a session about live streaming and esports with experts-in-the-field, Jon Pratchett and Alex Pettitt. They discuss the use of their favourite gear and we’re delighted that Intinor and our solutions are featured at 17.05 where Jon Pratchett states:

“For our higher end stuff we use Intinor which is a high end encoding hardware solution and arguably, in my impression, one of the best, probably THE best encoder out there for this.”

Also discussed in the video:

  • Image, resolution and frame rate and the impact of different frame rates for players over viewers
  • Audio and comms, such as commentators feeds, sound from game, chat from players
  • Graphics, game overlays, countdowns, brackets and PiP’s
  • Networking, gamers network, streaming and production network
  • Streaming solutions, encoders and third party streaming distribution options

Jon Pratchett is an award winning live streaming specialist with a strong IT/Networking background. He is also an accomplished DOP, Live and Production Sound engineer and Production Gallery designer and is sought after by production companies to “make things work and solve technical problems”

Creative Technologist, Alex Pettitt, is an esports live streaming expert and a certified YouTube professional advising on full broadcast quality multi-camera live streams and scalable broadcast solutions from small outside broadcasts to full studio setup. He’s covered live streaming projects such as the Kick Off, Lion’s Den, Call of Duty World League and the first 4k esports stream over 5G


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