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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has brought Sergio Alekseev into its ever-growing sales team. He will take responsibility for business development and sales activities in Spain, Latin America and the MENA region.

Alekseev was educated in Spain, as well as Germany and now lives in Madrid. His career to date has been within the IT industry, and more recently in IT-empowered media products. Most recently he was regional sales manager for networked broadcast radio and television specialist AEQ.

“Cinegy is a very positive company with strong, relevant, exciting products,” Alekseev said. “I am looking forward to getting to know the team, and the customer base, at IBC this year, and to talking about how our software tools are transforming the broadcast and media industry.”

Daniella Weigner, CEO of Cinegy, said “We are very excited to welcome Sergio on board. Drawing on his decade and more of industry sales experience, he is well connected and has the linguistic and cultural skills to broaden our presence in Latin America, as well as serving the Middle East which was his primary territory with his previous employer. His strong technical understanding will help the market use our innovative technologies to achieve their business and creative goals.”

Meet Sergio Alekseev on the Cinegy stand at IBC2023, 15 – 18 September, RAI Amsterdam, stand 7.A01.

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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, is emphasizing at IBC2023 (15 – 18 September, Amsterdam RAI, stand 7.A01) that today’s media solutions must reflect environmental concerns while retaining rich functionality. Cinegy delivers on this promise through a software stack that is ultra optimized, which leads to very low energy consumption.

Drawing on the benefits of its partnership with Supermicro, Cinegy is demonstrating this by running a staggering 256 channels of HD playout using Cinegy Air software from a single 4RU server. With a power consumption of around 1500W, that equates to consumption of less than 6W for per complete playout channel, a huge reduction in carbon footprint.

An even more eye-catching display of the way Cinegy is delivering huge performance in a compact form is the Micro OBVAN demonstration: a complete four camera broadcast system fitted in the trunk of a Microlino car. The Microlino is a tiny electric town car, only 2.5m long and weighing just 500kg. Its trunk is a tiny 230 liters, yet Cinegy has put all the hardware and software for production and delivery into it, including 5G connectivity, drawing power from the Microlino’s traction batteries.

“Our goal when developing all our products has been to create high functionality in very compact software,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “Delivering high performance with the minimum of processor resources makes for high availability systems in a low physical footprint, but it also means that the continuing costs of running the installation – including power and air conditioning – are also minimized.”

“We can all see the catastrophic damage that climate change has wrought,” he said, “and our very efficient software is playing its part in minimizing the carbon footprint.”

IBC2023 will see the introduction of enhanced functionality across all of Cinegy’s key products, including Cinegy Air multi-channel playout, Cinegy Multiviewer and Cinegy Capture for ingest. These continuing enhancements reflect the company’s continued close relationships with broadcasters and media enterprises around the world who rely on Cinegy software. The greatly enhanced subtitling capabilities in Cinegy Air, for example, were developed in response to a requirement from a major French broadcaster.

Cinegy will also be showing a useful new tool, Cinegize, which provides remote control of graphics and broadcast equipment. While there are a number of remote desktop tools on the market, Cinegy has led its development with the factors that are critical for broadcast applications: frame accuracy, color fidelity and low latency.

Cinegize can connect over any fabric, across a room or across the world. It is standards-based, so can use encapsulated data streams like SRT for remote connectivity, and for high bandwidth streams it can use the Cinegy Daniel2 codec providing very high quality, right up to lossless.

“We see Cinegize as a utility,” Weigner said, “which is why we are making it available free of charge. It is open, so you can use it to access any suitable software on any remote device, but we hope that in time users will recognize the need to organize and manage the content, which is where our solutions excel.

Inviting visitors to see Cinegy on stand 7.A01 at IBC2023, Weigner added “The media market grows ever more crowded and competitive. Our products are designed to scale with the user, whether that is the need to move from HD to 4k or even 8k, or the need to add more channels and sub-channels, or the need to link remote workers and locations with rapidly growing content stores.

“At IBC we look forward to talking these issues through with the many visitors from around the world,” he continued. “We are catching the visitor’s eye with demonstrations like the complete OBVAN in my Microlino, and a single box running 256 HD channels – or 64 Ultra HD, or eight 8k – but the importance of IBC is having the time to talk through solutions in detail, showing how we can match users’ expectations, on premises, in the cloud, and across multiple locations.”

Comprehensive information on all of Cinegy’s software systems can be found at cinegy.com

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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, is working with Tyrell, leading solutions company in the UK and Ireland, to deliver an innovative, cost-effective playout solution. The system is rolled out as part of Tyrell Cloud, a bespoke, secure cloud service developed specifically for the needs of the media industry.

Central to the solution is Cinegy Air, the powerful realtime broadcast automation and server application. Like all Cinegy solutions it is entirely implemented in virtualized software, so is a perfect match for the vendor-agnostic Tyrell Cloud. It provides fully automated playout in any resolution up to Ultra HD and 8k, with the option to take manual control as operations demand.

Cinegy Air is designed to take advantage of cloud hosting, including efficient hardware utilization, instant deployment of additional channels and functionality, and inexpensive high-availability clustering. The system is intuitive to establish and run, and the first installation includes the integrated Cinegy Multiviewer. Winner of an NAB Product of the Year Award, this is known as the most flexible multiviewer ever, and provides comprehensive signal analysis, monitoring and alerts to minimize the requirement for engineers and operators while maintaining optimum signal quality.

Cinegy Air is deployed as part of the Tyrell Cloud Capture service at The Media Production and Technology Show, 2023. Video streams are presented from Cinegy Air in SRT format to Tyrell Cloud Capture where it is ingested ready for editing. Cinegy Multiviewer provides us with a visual tally on the streams whilst Tyrell Cloud Capture allows users to manage incoming streams, benefit from visual telemetry about the streams and direct them to other services within Tyrell Cloud.

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy, said “This is a great example of how we can work with a strong partner to create a rich solution that meets very specific needs. It really shows the benefits of well-conceived software solutions: our software and the Tyrell Cloud are both designed to be easy to integrate to create precisely tailored systems which accurately meet the user’s needs."

Tyrell will be demonstrating the Tyrell Cloud Capture service at The Media Production and Technology Show on Stand B40. Information on Cinegy Air, Multiviewer and the full range of products can be found at cinegy.com

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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has formed a strategic collaboration with Supermicro, a leading global supplier of enterprise-scale servers. Supermicro is a well-known player in media solutions, and this alliance represents a powerful, integrated and cost-effective offering.

The turnkey solution will be launched at NAB 2023 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 16 – 19 April), where staff at Cinegy (booth N2022) and at the nearby Supermicro booth (N1015) will be able to discuss the integration. The key driver for the collaboration is to be able to provide systems integrators in the media space with a one-stop solution which is ready to run, highly specified for performance and, thanks to Supermicro’s We Keep IT Green programme, very energy efficient.

Cinegy has a comprehensive range of video storage, processing and delivery software solutions, capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding broadcasters at resolutions up to 8k and more. The microservices architecture of Cinegy software means that it can run a very large number of concurrent processes to deliver multiple channels and many layers of functionality, in real time, simultaneously. NAB 2023 sees new releases of key elements in the Cinegy portfolio, including the ability to freely mix SDR and HDR sources in the Cinegy Air playout platform, with individually selected conversion LUTs for each file.

Supermicro is the ideal partner, in providing its AMD Genoa CloudDC Systems with unprecedented core density in single-socket hardware for ease of integration. Its open architecture approach for memory and storage makes it ideal for the performance demands of Cinegy video processing.

“We recognize that some of our broadcast customers are, for their own very valid reasons, unwilling to move to the cloud at this stage,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “But running multi-channel broadcast operations, or sophisticated post-production environments, calls for a lot of processing power, and users find themselves needing a significant data centre. Supermicro’s hardware architecture delivers all the power needed, and its designs for energy efficiency will appeal to our customers.

“Additionally,” continued Weigner, “Supermicro's powerful hardware architecture allows Cinegy to bring products to market faster, enabling them to satisfy customer requirements faster than the industry as a whole. This means that even though some broadcast customers may not be ready to move to the cloud yet, they can still benefit from Cinegy's advanced multi-channel broadcast operations and post-production environments without sacrificing performance. Overall, Supermicro's efficient and powerful hardware solutions play a key role in helping Cinegy deliver cutting-edge solutions to their customers.”

Catch up with the Cinegy team at booth N2022 at NAB2023, or find out more at cinegy.com

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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has joined the Google Cloud Advantage Program as a Build Partner. Being part of the program means that Cinegy can deliver solutions on Google Cloud, and integrate with other workflows to add value.

As a Google Cloud partner, Cinegy can readily build comprehensive workflows for the complete range of media enterprises. Cinegy software systems that are already proven for use in Google Cloud include tools for content ingest including realtime live capture; signal routing, conversion, processing and playout; storage management and archiving; and multiviewers. All of these are resolution independent software systems, meaning that users can implement Ultra HD and 8k content chains in the cloud if required.

“The very diverse nature of the media industry means that each enterprise is finding its own transition from on premises legacy hardware technology to software-centric, virtualized solutions,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “Being a Google Cloud partner enables us to continue to support our customers as they establish their own pathway, towards the goal of more efficient, more effective and more green operations.”

“We are excited to welcome Cinegy to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage ecosystem,” said Kim Lasseter, Global Director, Partner Advantage Program at Google Cloud. “By bringing its platform to Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Cinegy’s customers will have access to new, innovative cloud solutions to build comprehensive workflows.”

Catch up with the Cinegy team at NAB Show 20223 on booth N2022, or find out more at cinegy.com

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NAB Show, April 16-19, Las Vegas, Booth N2022: Cinegy GmbH, celebrating 20 years of being the premier provider of software technology for broadcast operations, TV production, newsrooms, and playout automation, will showcase its complete range of solutions for cloud, local or hybrid usage scenarios at NAB2023 at booth N2022, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, 16 – 19 April 2023.

New features for remote and cloud operation are the highlights of Cinegy’s new product range shown at NAB 2023, making broadcasting and streaming in up to 8K easier than ever. The ability to do playout with real-time HEVC 8K60 encoding on a (top range) laptop helps support the case for 8K adoption.

Cinegy Air, Cinegy’s playout software family, now offers features for dealing with mixed SDR and HDR video sources. LUTs (look-up tables) for automatic color space conversion will be applied automatically (or can be manually set), to meet the desired output format. A single playout engine can be used to create simulcast SDR and HDR outputs all driven by a single playout schedule. This massively improves flexibility in broadcast operations and eliminates the need for hardware converter boxes or tedious offline file conversion processes, resulting in cost and time savings. As video sources can also be live input signals, this also opens up new opportunities in live mixed SDR/HDR operations. The capability of being able to do 8K at no extra cost is the icing on the cake.

Cinegy Air playout has had incorporated graphics and CG functionality for a long time. This has now become so powerful that it has its own identity as Cinegy Title. The branding and graphics system incorporates capable and versatile tools. Many independent layers of video, CG, and effects can be combined in individual scenes, with video layers being either rendered graphics like text, stills, video files or live input signals. Scenes can of course also contain audio, e.g. to create audio-visual jingles or station IDs. Elements in scenes can be data driven to create self-updating slates, score tables, weather or financial graphics. Cinegy Title can do 8K as well.

The Cinegy product range incorporates all the tools needed for channel management, from ingest and playout through conversion and archiving, with comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities using Cinegy Multiviewer. As an early adopter of the open source SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol, it is baked into all of its products, so there is never any question whether SRT support is available. Standards such as good old SDI, or IP streaming using NDI, RTP or UDP are also supported. Dealing with broadcast Transport Streams, both on the receiving and emitting sides, have long been one of Cinegy’s big strengths. Cinegy Air can create broadcast-ready transport streams for cable, satellite or OTA. Cinegy Air can also receive transport streams to insert commercials, overlay graphics, add Nielsen or Kantar watermarks and much more.

Cinegy’s Multiviewer product, which is very popular especially with US broadcasters, is another focus at the show. Feedback from customers has led to numerous enhancements and new features. Scalability has been improved further allowing even larger channel counts to be supported. Cinegy Multiviewer has supported 8K already for many years. It can receive, monitor and analyze signals up to 8K, drive multiple 8K displays and/or stream the output as IP in 8K or higher. Like Cinegy Air, Multiviewer also happily lives in cloud environments like AWS.

Cinegy Capture is the go-to solution for scenarios where massive numbers of video signals needs to be “captured”. Major reality TV productions and sports leagues have been Cinegy Capture key customers from early on. Global media service companies and telcos have joined as customers in recent years. Cinegy was amongst the first companies able to do 4K and then 8K which helped drive adoption, as did the ability to run in the cloud thanks to SRT support throughout.

This NAB marks eight years of Cinegy showing 8K starting with technology demos of Cinegy’s 8K capable video codecs, like Cinegy’s own Daniel2 GPU codec. Handling resolutions much higher than 8K has now rippled through the entire product range, providing end-to-end 8K support. For customers with HD or UHD workflows this has brought faster, highly optimized processing pipelines, the certainty of an upgrade path as well as ensuring that they have invested in a future-proof solution.

“We started the company with the goal to convert the racks of proprietary video hardware into modular software components that could run in virtual machines using IP for signal transmission instead of SDI. That was twenty years ago and terms like cloud did not exist yet”, said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “We know that media businesses each have their own pace of transition. We are here to discuss how they can advance and to show how best they can achieve their goals, whether that is on premise or in the cloud. Our vision of a Software Defined Television platform has been realized. But this is just the beginning. AI and the sheer endless computing power GPUs provide allow us to dream bigger.”

Catch up with the Cinegy team at booth N2022, or find out more at cinegy.com

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Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has introduced software version 22.10 for Cinegy Route, the simple tool to manage media networks. Cinegy Route is the essential building block for IP-based infrastructures, providing a centralized directory for high volumes of content streams.

The new release brings dramatic advances, both in functionality and user experience. The code base has moved to a 64-bit architecture and makes much use of GPUs in the client workstations to boost power. The result is a completely revamped version of the popular utility, developed in response to user feedback.

Stream improvements include support for encrypted SRT sources, and the ability to play back live HEVC streams in the Cinegy Route preview player, giving any workstation confidence monitoring of any of the streams under its control. The release offers comprehensive support for secondary events, allowing them to be clean switched within the Cinegy Event Manager, under the control of Cinegy Route.

The user interface sees a complete transformation. It now has a high DPI mode for Ultra HD screens, making fine detail comfortable to view. UX improvements include more logical menu structures, “always on top” mode for Cinegy Route Browser, and useful functionality like a mute button in the player view and a double click to open or collapse player windows.

Daniella Weigner, CEO of Cinegy, said “Our users are building ever more extensive workflows in their IP networks, with large numbers of sources and destinations, transcoding and processing, audio shuffling and mixing and much more. They need a simple, intuitive way to keep track of everything and, with this new version of Cinegy Route, they have all the functionality they need on their workstations, in a form which is completely intuitive to use.

“We freely admit that Cinegy Route is regarded as a utility, a way to gain access to the functionality in our more glamorous products,” she continued. “But it is still important that we make it operate the best way we can, so that our users can get on with the business of running their content workflows quickly, efficiently and securely.”

Cinegy Route version 22.10 has been available for download since 1 December. It is available to all users under their existing licences.

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Cinegy, a premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout services, today announces that it has appointed industry veteran Laura Thommen as part of a wider strategy to grow its presence and success in the US market. She joins consultant Tab Butler and is tasked with building on and growing Cinegy’s business.

Thommen has over 40 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry and has relationships across the industry with studios, broadcasters, post facilities, cloud providers manufacturers and solution partners. She is on the HPA Committee for Women In Post and HPA NET. She is also active in SMPTE. Her breadth of experience in sales, management, driving new product adoption and revenue growth, has been built up through her work with leading manufacturers, such as Apple, Adobe, Avid and DDN Storage.

“I am delighted to be working in collaboration with a forward-thinking company like Cinegy. They stand out for a combination of technical expertise and openness to new ideas. Furthermore, Cinegy products work and always over deliver, which is what customers today need,” Thommen commented. “The plug and play environment that Cinegy has fostered allows customers to keep their existing workflows in place and grow, and scale as needed. They provide great value and transparency and make it easy for OEM partners to engage so that the customer gets the best outcome.”

Thommen has already secured two partnerships for Cinegy. The first, with TrackIt, was underlined with a demonstration at NAB, where TrackIt ingested content using Cinegy Capture before streaming to AWS Nimble Studio. The stream was shared to Hammerspace before being made available to Amazon Nimble editing workstations. The second sees Cinegy broadcast workflow tools, such as Cinegy Capture, made available via HCL Technologies’ All Access Media Marketplace® platform.

“Having Laura on board gives us a key presence on the ground, with easy access to customers. She understands our solutions and how they can deliver the flexibility and scale that customers need to ensure they have futureproof, agile workflows,” said Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner. “Laura’s knowledge and the relationships she has fostered during her career are an asset to us and our customers, and together with her, we look forward to building success in the US market.”

Thommen, who is based in LA, will join Tab Butler and Cinegy’s Business Development Manager, Andrew Ward, for a webinar discussing Cinegy’s activities and the M&E marketplace in the US on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at 12pm EST (9am PT). Register for a free place here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8348108431154562576

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Cinegy, a premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout services, today announces that Turkiye’s Haber Global has deployed Cinegy Capture PRO to create a futureproof acquisition and transcode workflow. As one of the country’s most watched news services, Haber Global is expanding the channels and live feeds it offers to meet growing demand for its content. The broadcaster’s new 24-channel Cinegy Capture PRO not only supports its current needs but offers additional capacity to grow.

Cinegy Capture PRO provides Haber Global with a simple to install, flexible and reliable ingest resource, with shared access for multiple users. The solution combines ingest and transcode functions in a single system, simultaneously producing video files and web proxies in multiple formats ready for editing.

“Our viewers want to get more of the news stories impacting them and we knew that our ingest capabilities had to increase to handle more cameras, programs and outsource resources to meet their needs. We wanted to be able to record 24 channels, and do this with as few servers as possible,” said Önder Yavçin, CIO at Haber Global. “Cinegy Capture PRO met all our needs. Not only do we now have reliable, futureproof ingest capability but our team can work more efficiently and collaboratively than in the past.”

Cinegy Capture PRO delivers an elegant, cost-effective solution for centralized ingest and is built from the ground-up to operate as a completely independent ingest tool. The solution can be used as an application by any user on the network thanks to the simple yet powerful cross-platform control client. Cinegy Capture PRO runs on a standard PC with the addition of one or more SDI cards.

Murat Küçüksaraç, COO of Cinegy AŞ, commented: “Haber Global is an innovator and brings a new breath of fresh air to the Turkish media sector. We were incredibly pleased to work with them on this project to support their growing infrastructure. Cinegy Capture PRO gives customers a radical take on the traditional acquisition and transcode systems and creates fast, intuitive, collaborative workflows in an easy to deploy system.”

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Cinegy, a premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout services, today announces that Tab Butler has joined the company, tasked with generating growth in the US market. The Emmy Award winning industry expert brings vast experience and knowledge in the Media & Entertainment sector, with a special emphasis on sports broadcast.

Butler has previously held the position of Sr. Director for Media Management & Post Production at MLB Network, where he had oversight of building the infrastructure for the initial launch of the network along with subsequent upgrades and broadcast technology deployments. He has also served in senior sales roles with technology vendors such as Grass Valley, EMC, and SeaChange International.

Commenting on his collaboration with Cinegy, Butler said, “I am delighted to be joining forces with Cinegy to help bring to market products and systems that are leaders in their space and solve workflow problems for customers. Defining emerging technology and workflows to meet the needs of customers as they explore hybrid Cloud – On-prem solutions and workflows is very exciting.”

Cinegy is familiar territory for Butler, who has known the company and worked with its products from its early days. When tasked with building solutions in his previous role, Cinegy products were pivotal, key components in large and small projects. For example, when building MAM environments, the original Daniel codec was a critical part of the wider post-production Adobe Premier workflow.

“Cinegy’s Daniel codec enabled post-production workflows to be seamlessly integrated between Vizrt graphics engines and Adobe Premier. This allowed enhanced workflows that were simplified for the operators while increasing the speed of delivery” added Butler. “Cinegy Capture has been instrumental in scaling record environments into 100’s of channels providing rich API features, functionality, reliability, and sustainability. Cinegy Playout has complemented the Capture workflows providing a tightly integrated playback platform. When combined with Cinegy Desktop and Archive, the power of the Cinegy tools come together to create an impressive MAM and Archive solution.”

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “We are delighted to work with Tab and tap into his deep knowledge and experience of the US market. This is one of the markets we have earmarked for growth and where we believe our flexible, scalable solutions offer customers a clear migration path to hyper agile cloud environments. Tab knows first-hand the benefits that our solutions deliver and can speak to customers from experience; together we can best serve customers as they make the futureproof investments that will enable them to create success in this dynamic media sector.”

Butler, who is based in New York City, will join Laura Thommen and Cinegy’s Business Development Manager, Andrew Ward, for a webinar discussing Cinegy’s activities and the M&E marketplace in the US on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at 12pm EST (9am PT). Register for a free place here.

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