Digital Media

Promote the strategy of any new technology, installation or brand.

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Digital Media

Digital media plays a crucial part in promoting the strategy of any new technology, installation or brand.

But these platforms demand immediate, proactive and reactive attention. When it comes to videos, statistics prove that many people watch with the sound off rather than actually listen. That's one reason why podcasts are growing in popularity. How this content is presented is vital for your brand and messaging.

Manor Marketing understands that today’s information-hungry world needs a combination of all outbound communication, and preparation ensures a successful event and launch. But for buzz, hype, awareness and your brand being seen where it matters, when it matters, there’s nothing like a well thought out social media, video and podcast strategy for immediate impact.

#vision is unique and offers immediate social media, video and podcast uploading of your brand, messaging and strategy to a market that is ready to receive and action. So, what’s your #vision?



Website Management

Your website is your shop window, it’s where you show the world what you do, and how you achieve it. Your website will usually be the first place a potential customer, or partner, will go to find out more about you so it need to be clear, concise – and show exactly who you are. Working with our partner, we offer the complete management of a new website from initial thought through to going live. A website should be a living breathing entity, constantly evolving and changing and we will work with you to ensure your content is consistently kept up to date.

We hit deadlines and achieve far in excess of the original requirement.

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Manor Marketing Digital Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Presence

Manor Marketing has invested in dedicated resources to handle all aspects of social media and appreciates the importance of your social media presence – it’s a vital part of the marketing mix and needs constant, as well as consistent attention. It has a direct and immediate impact on influencing the market and therefore, potential revenue.


Videos & Podcasts


Video and audio marketing is now a crucial part of any media mix and using creative and digital content is a valuable method of getting in front of the customer. Manor Marketing offers a unique product and service called #vision.

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