March 6, 2024 Client News

Embracing the Future of Media Technology, nxtedition Sponsors MediaTech Festival 2024, Demonstrating Advanced AI-Driven Production Capabilities

nxtedition, a leader in microservices-based production environments, is proud to announce its participation and sponsorship at the MediaTech Festival 2024, held in Media City Odense, Denmark. This event, a hub for innovation and technology in media production, provides an ideal platform for nxtedition to showcase its cutting-edge solutions in a real-world setting.

At the heart of nxtedition’s platform is a robust and scalable microservices architecture. This enables operations of any size to access a comprehensive suite of tools, including third-party functionalities and select artificial intelligence (AI) features, all from a unified user interface. Among these tools is a streamlined integration with AI services, such as speech-to-text capabilities, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in content production.

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, where audiences demand immediate access to breaking news and diverse content across digital, broadcast, and social platforms, nxtedition’s solutions empower production teams. The platform’s agility and creative toolset enable rapid content delivery without compromising on quality.

By transforming hardware into software, nxtedition’s innovative approach to microservices simplifies traditional production workflows, addressing common challenges faced by content creators. The platform’s integration with various APIs, including stock libraries, newswires, and social media, allows for seamless access and management of external content within the familiar nxtedition interface. This simplifies the content acquisition process, ensuring that relevant data and media are readily available for storytelling.

nxtedition’s commitment to innovation extends to the incorporation of AI enhancements. The platform’s AI features assist in various tasks, including speech transcription and metadata indexing, streamlining content management and searchability. This integration facilitates efficient archiving and immediate content transcription, providing valuable resources for journalists, editors, and corporate content creators.

Adam Leah, nxtedition’s Creative Director, emphasises the company’s dedication to simplifying technology and amplifying creative potential. “At nxtedition, we continually strive to refine our platform, integrating key technologies and services to empower our users. Our goal is to enable storytellers to focus on what they do best – creating compelling and engaging content.”

At the MediaTech Festival 2024, attendees can look forward to a session featuring Adam Leah from nxtedition and Peter Zanchetta from TV2 Nord (Thursday 21 March at 2:45 pm). Their presentation, titled ‘From TV Station to Media House and What’s Next’, will discuss TV2Nord’s transition and the challenges and successes encountered during this process. Leah and Zanchetta will cover topics including change management, implementation strategies, and the impact on production and staff workflow. The session will also provide insights into future trends in technology and workflow design, with a particular emphasis on the role of AI in evolving media production.

nxtedition’s solutions are available for on-premises or cloud implementation, with the latest software release including virtual assets and AI integrations. The company assures prompt delivery of new systems without the constraints of supply chain issues affecting other vendors.

Experience nxtedition’s groundbreaking production environment at the MediaTech Festival 2024 in Media City Odense, Denmark. Visit us at our booth to discover how nxtedition is revolutionising content creation and delivery. Learn more at

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