We work diligently to achieve your desired results

We create content with purpose, and we re-purpose wherever possible to maximise the potential of each piece, delivering results across all marketing channels to build brand exposure across direct and digital platforms, social media, and through every stage of the sales journey.

Social Media Presence

Manor Marketing has invested in dedicated resources to handle all aspects of social media and appreciates the importance of your social media presence – it’s a vital part of the marketing mix and needs constant and consistent attention. It has a direct and immediate impact on influencing the market and therefore, potential revenue.

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Customer personas and targeted audiences

Understanding who to sell (and therefore, market) to is more and more complicated. There are multiple stakeholders that need to be addressed and presented to in numerous ways. Understanding how to pitch to those individuals and then target is critical. And having the appropriate content to send is vital.

Confirming the type and role of the customer and then focussing, through direct and targeted marketing, is an effective way of achieving strong leads for your sales funnel.

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Be in traditional, advertising spend (digital or print), sponsorship, speaking, awards or association involvement, reduced budgets need to be spent wisely, with measurable ROI.

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Celebrating its 23 years in the business, and with over 50+ years of combined sales and marketing experience in the broadcasting, film and AV industry, Manor Marketing works collaboratively with your in-house marketing team, or as your team of dedicated external experts. From strategy to advice to hands-on assistance to recruitment, we’re here to help you.

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