It’s simple, we understand PR

We have excellent and long-standing relationships with the industry press and media, ranging from broadcast, AV, postproduction, film, telco, cable and satellite and new media. We know what works and how to maximise results from the content we create for you.

Influencing sales through content generation

News shared through various styles of content generated are what shapes the public opinion of your company, your people and your products, all of which combine to influence sales and, where applicable, shareholder value.

Manor Marketing understands what works for the trade press and what doesn’t, or what may be more useful as self-publishing. Having long-standing relationships with all industry-relevant press, freelancers and analysts – be they broadcast, AV, telco, post-production, cable and satellite or new media – enables us to secure more press coverage opportunities for our clients.

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Manor Marketing believes that all generated material should be seen as commercial and used not only with media outlets, but also across multi-platform marketing activities and throughout the sales offering to secure further installations.

Working as an extension of your team – contractor, leader or mentor – Manor is results-led and will work diligently to achieve your desired results. Focused on your goals, strategies and objectives, successful campaigns will see involvement from initial planning, through to implementation.

Manor Marketing believes that it is possible to monitor and measure the output of PR and marketing activities and has invested heavily in this. The monthly and annual reports are designed to be presented to management and other stakeholders, and can be used for other internal purposes also.

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Brand Management

Underpinning everything that Manor Marketing is responsible for and involved in, is your brand and the management of that brand. Working as a partner, we ensure your brand is consistent, recognised, appreciated and understood using the latest technology in communications and our decades of experience available.

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