April 20, 2022 Client News

GB Labs demonstrates storage innovations for production and post at Media Production & Technology Show

GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, is showing its recent product launches for the first time in Europe at the Media Production & Technology Show. Leading the demonstrations will be HyperSpace Generation 3 and the latest version of FastNAS, alongside the rest of its range of content storage and management systems for on-premise, cloud and hybrid workflows.

Generation 3 of HyperSpace, demonstrated in London immediately after its launch at NAB, delivers double the performance of the previous version, giving users access to the fastest data rates in the market, in combination with its SPACE and SPACE+ storage appliances. The addition of new, predictive capabilities brings significant efficiency boosts to the busy and fast-paced world of premium production and post.

Also recently launched is FastNAS generation 2, which brought a 1000% speed bump for real, deliverable network performance at up to 4 Gb/s. Today’s production and post workflows typically demand effective multi-tasking storage with fast simultaneous read and write data rates, which FastNAS comfortably delivers.

MPTS visitors will also be able to see the new Unify Hub platform in action. This software solution bridges on-premise and cloud storage – from GB Labs and other vendors – seamlessly, empowering highly productive remote production while maintaining data integrity and security. It is available as a software upgrade to any existing GB Labs installation.

“London is of course one of the world’s leading production centres, as well as being at the heart of the rich creative environment of the UK and Europe,” said Dominic Harland, CEO and CTO of GB Labs. “Given that travel is still difficult for many, MPTS gives us a great opportunity to bring our launches, demonstrations and insights to the market. We have all been starved of contact over the last couple of years, and we are really looking forward to face-to-face exhibitions to share knowledge and experiences with our marketplace.”

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