January 3, 2024 Client News

Glensound Launches Enhanced Audio Networking Solutions at ISE 2024

Glensound, industry leader in high quality audio systems, has an enviable reputation for meeting broadcast customer requirements, and adaptability is key to their success. The recent expansion into other verticals such as gaming and AV suggests that there may be additional specifications to meet. If this means modifying a successful product to fit a new environment, having full control of the manufacturing process makes it relatively simple for the company. One customer’s requirement often leads to a new version, and this is the case with the DARK8MAIP.

The original version of the DARK8MAI is a highly specified 8-input microphone amplifier that is portable and can be controlled from the GlenController Windows remote application. In many situations, multiple units may be employed, and Dante/AES67 network connectivity is key to simplifying the installation and increasing reliability. Twin Ethercon connectors are supplied for the copper connections and SFP slots for fibre. Additionally, a redundant Power over Ethernet and local 12-volt power options are included. Widely employed in broadcast and recording applications, audio connections are typically on XLR, but this connector is not universally employed in fixed installations. 

A large house of worship liked the look of the DARK8MAI but their existing installation was based on cabling in a suspended ceiling using Phoenix connectors. It was clear from the first site meeting that changing this to XLR would be difficult and unnecessary if the DARK8 could be modified to have Phoenix connectivity. This is a simple modification for a Glensound team keen to get an order for twenty-two units with the potential of more in the future. If this was likely to be a common situation, it made sense to offer this as a standard option; DARK8MAIP for the fixed installation market and the ideal venue for the launch is ISE 2024. 

Marc Wilson, Glensound’s Managing Director is keen to make this point. “It is exciting for us to find our products hitting the target in new markets, but we think that many potential customers don’t realise that we can customise our standard products. Our DARK8MAI has been admired for its audio quality, redundancy and connectivity and it ticks many boxes for the installation market. Replacing the connectors is something easily done that can tick an important box for the installer. ISE is the ideal show for this product to be unveiled.”  

For more information on the company and its capabilities, see https://www.glensound.co.uk/




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