April 28, 2022 Client News

Hitomi shows simple solution to circuit delays at MPTS

Hitomi Broadcast (www.hitomi-broadcast.tv) is bringing its new latency feature to Media Production & Technology Show. The precision latency tool is the latest addition to MatchBox, the industry’s leading audio video alignment toolbox.

With the huge increase in remote contributions and down the line interviews over unpredictable circuits, the question of latency has become much more prominent. How long a pause do you need to allow in continuity to achieve a smooth handover? Can the delay be tolerated for a two-way, or do you need to send all the questions in advance?

MatchBox now gives you a precise and accurate measurement of the end-to-end latency of a circuit. This adds to the fundamental purpose of MatchBox, which is to achieve perfect synchronisation between sound and pictures, and between each of the remote sources.

“Much is talked about ‘low latency’ in broadcast circuits, but it is rarely quantified,” said Russell Johnson, Broadcast Director at Hitomi. “Now it can be. MatchBox is already used worldwide with major broadcasters and production companies, so widespread adoption of this new technology can be rapid.”

The process is as simple as holding an iPhone in shot, running the free MatchBox Glass app. This generates a precisely aligned audible and visual signal. In the MCR or outside broadcast truck, the MatchBox analyser gives a reading of the latency and the lip sync shift, allowing them to be aligned accurately rather than trying to match them by eye.

“Most importantly, the MatchBox latency feature gives quality engineers a reliable and precise means of measuring and aligning signals, eliminating the disturbing and unprofessional delays and talking over contributors.” concluded Johnson. “It can be used wherever you need latency to be known not guessed – virtual studios and augmented reality is another good use case.”

Find out more about the MatchBox solutions for lip-sync and latency in this video: https://youtu.be/LeHiUzhRn8s

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