May 13, 2024 Manor News

It’s not all soup!

Manor has always been involved in local charities, and national ones. They just don’t shout about it. They believe in treating people equally, with understanding and empathy, always listening and being as supportive as possible. How they behave and interact as individuals is important. It’s called the #ManorSpirit.

Having been involved in Newbury Soup Kitchen (NSK) for a number of years now, as a Soup Dragon, as well as various other initiatives and regular donations, the idea of supporting one of their friends and colleagues, Simon Tillyer, do the three-peak challenge in 24-hours was, well, quite frankly, an obvious thing to do. Will one of us get involved too? Doubt it! But you never know…

We are proud to be the inaugural Souptastic sponsor of this crazy idea and will be willing you on, all the way – from our office, homes, holiday – you get the idea 😉

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