January 31, 2024 Client News

Latest Cinegy Air 24.1 update enhances playout with intuitive user features and reinforced security

Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of broadcast software technology, has released the latest version of its powerful and popular Cinegy Air playout platform. The new release – version 24.1 – goes live alongside updates to Cinegy Title for captions and branding, and Cinegy Desktop, the workgroup production suite.

The new version of Cinegy Air is largely driven by user requests, to make the user interface more intuitive and secure in operation. A good example is the extended ability to use colour stripes to identify different categories of content in the playout timeline. This is particularly useful with short duration items like idents, allowing supervisors to see at a glance the full contents of a programme junction without the need to zoom in.

Also focusing on simplicity and security in operation, it is now possible to disable the direct controls in the Air GUI, so operators cannot accidentally take an event early or jump to a later item. The enable/disable setting is in a top-level menu so is readily accessed, but it ensures that workstations which are primarily for monitoring cannot inadvertently affect the live output.

The third major productivity addition is the incorporation of the Rosstalk protocol in the secondary event menu. This makes it simple to programme switchers and routers from Ross Video, to perform simple or sophisticated switches and transitions as part of an automated event, delivering a smoother and more engaging output.

Under the hood there are numerous technical improvements for engineers, including the ability to select from up to 99 Cinegy Capture engines for live incoming content, and to select available engines within the Air Control GUI directly.

“For Cinegy, major software releases are about much more than improvements driven by changes in technology,” said Simon Pilbeam, Product Manager at Cinegy. “Our focus is always on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our users, so this release of Cinegy Air brings changes that broadcasters have asked for because they will make their day-to-day operations better. Our users talk to us because they are comfortable and confident with our software solutions, and if they talk to us about additions and enhancements, we know it is something they really need.”

Comprehensive information on all of Cinegy’s software systems can be found at cinegy.com

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