June 5, 2023 Client News

nxtedition brings the production workflow of tomorrow to BroadcastAsia 2023

nxtedition, innovators in microservice-based production environments, is heading to BroadcastAsia 2023, where it will demonstrate its integrated production platform for newsrooms and storytellers. The company is exhibiting with its distribution partner in Singapore, Ideal Systems (stand 6E1-07, Singapore Expo, 7 – 9 June).

Visitors to the stand will quickly appreciate how easy it is to access the whole range of tools, including third-party functionality and artificial intelligence, in a seamless end-to-end environment. nxtedition is designed to deliver compelling story-telling fast and accurately, within organisations of any size.

Speed is particularly vital in newsrooms, where users need to react quickly and accurately, putting breaking news into historical context and getting the story out first across multiple platforms. To do this, journalists must remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks and awkward workarounds, allowing everyone to focus on the task in hand.

That is why nxtedition has provided a platform into which APIs from different vendors can be deeply integrated into the core platform. That includes the ability to pass edits from journalists’ workstations direct to craft editors from Adobe or DaVinci for high level finishing when required.

This tight integration now includes OpenAI, allowing businesses to add artificial intelligence processing where it can boost productivity and creativity – without compromising editorial integrity – resulting it even richer, more detailed stories while still retaining the broadcaster’s distinctive voice and style.

A good example is Whisper, a speech to text transcriber running within the workstation, avoiding costly external services and delays while material is exported and remotely processed. Whisper also allows all ingested material to be transcribed with the full script added to the metadata, greatly simplifying the work of the archivist and boosting the search potential in the future.

“This is the first time we have exhibited at BroadcastAsia, and we are very excited to show our uniquely powerful platform to the market in the Pacific region,” said Adam Leah, creative director at nxtedition. “The way that all the tools you need fall under your fingers, the way that you can access assets wherever they are, the way that you can drop in AI tools where you see they bring an advantage: once you see and experience these and many more functions you will realise what a transformative approach we bring.”

See nxtedition on stand 6E1-07 (Ideal Systems) at BroadcastAsia 2023, or find out more at nxtedition.com

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