April 21, 2022 Client News

Practical Audio Networking From Glensound At ISE

Glensound, industry leader in high quality audio systems, will emphasise how its audio products are designed for the rigours of live events at Integrated Systems Europe. The company was an early adopter of Dante audio networking technology, and its wide range of devices are simple to interconnect as well as being extremely robust.

Glensound was founded to build application-specific devices designed to stand up to a life on the road. Today that means compact and highly functional devices housed in “throw-down” boxes, ideal for rapid deployment in live events and on the road.

The newest product in the catalogue is the GTM eSports audio management tool. Because each player must be completely isolated from each other, there is a distinct audio firewall, with the player’s game feed and microphone, and comms from team-mates and coaches on one side, and the live audio and shoutcasters on the other. Referees must also be able to override when necessary.

Networked audio is the perfect solution for this, and each user has a GTM device, giving them individual level control over the game, the team and individual feeds (“me”, hence GTM). Each device is configured remotely to ensure the right audio goes to each player and location, with multi-channel mixing part of the Dante network. To stand up to the unpredictability of the eSports stage, the GTM is in a ruggedised throw-down box.

“Live events demand constantly changing configuration and absolute reliability as well as maintaining excellent audio quality,” said Marc Wilson, Managing Director at Glensound. “Dante/AES67 networking is perfect for the flexibility and ease of set-up. Our success comes from using audio over IP connectivity to link boxes which perform specific tasks perfectly: not just eSports feeds but microphone inputs, cellular links, mixing and channel management, and much more.”

A large representative sample of Glensound’s extensive range of analogue, digital and audio over IP devices suitable for live events and AV installations can be seen on stand 7T400 at ISE.

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