March 25, 2024 Manor News

Refreshing our brand

We tell our clients all the time – your website is your shop window and it needs to be kept up-to-date. It’s the first place your (potential) customers will visit. It’s the place your partners and distributors will visit. It’s your reputation. It’s your brand. 

So, our last refresh was five years ago. But those years include covid, also known as the ‘missing years’, so it’s really only a couple of years??? OK, you’re right, we should have done it earlier… 

Everyone loves our flowers. Loves us being bright and colourful, inclusive, full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. But also knowledgeable, experienced and going the extra mile to deliver on our objectives. We are proud of our reputation and the fact that we not only represent and work with some of the best people in the industry, but also visit them regularly and attend numerous events and tradeshows – globally. 

We hope you like the new #ManorSpirit. It’s been generated through 23-years of servicing our industry. And it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s going to get stronger. And yes, there’s going to be a new gin available soon too! 

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